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  1. HMFan999

    Looking For Recommendations

    Alright, I've got a slight curve ball I could use some help with. I'm attending a business conference in Orlando next month and happen to be staying at one of the Disney Springs resorts. I'm trying to think of a few places to take my colleagues for dinner. We might even need somewhere to take...
  2. HMFan999

    Inspirational Disney Music

    What are some Disney tunes that give you that feeling that anything is possible or that the future is going to be better. I'm talking songs like "One little spark", "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow", "Celebrate the future hand in hand." I'm trying to put together something of a...
  3. HMFan999

    Imagineering Team Org

    Sorry if this has already been discussed or if this isn't the right place for this, but does anyone know anything about how imagineering handles organizing a project? I know that, relatively speaking, the title imagineer is actually used pretty liberally within the organization (at least it...
  4. HMFan999

    Enjoy your day of discovery!

    Hello all! I'll be honest, I only found these forums because I fell down a rabbit hole that lead me to infamous spaceship earth 180 thread. I'm a longtime Disney fan and was a CM for a short time in 2006 (career start) working as a park greeter and auto plaza attendant at EPCOT. Now I'm just an...
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