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  1. TongaToast21

    Riviera Pricing and Point charts

    Soooo..... has anyone bought RR?
  2. TongaToast21

    Couldn't get Slinky Dog FP Today

    for the hard to get FP's, 60+1, +2, etc. usually yields better results. In other words, try and schedule your "hard to gets" later in your trip. I would also look into Early Morning Magic (Hard ticket event) if you're devastated. If you try to rope drop and aren't towards the front, you're going...
  3. TongaToast21

    News On-ride PhotoPass comes to the Haunted Mansion

    While they're at it, can they move space mountain's photo spot to a location that captures more thrills? Such a wasted shot on a relatively basic turn before all the fun..
  4. TongaToast21

    Thoughts on switching hotels?

    This blog post might also be of some help too if you haven't already read it.. https://www.disneytouristblog.com/resort-split-stay-disney-world/
  5. TongaToast21

    Riviera Pricing and Point charts

    you can see it at disneytouristblog.com or if you scroll a little up to Mr. Penguins post
  6. TongaToast21

    Favorite Room/Resort Feature

    In any resort (DVC or non) what are your favorite in-room and general resort features? Mine would (currently) be the Poly DVC studio double bathrooms with the overhead shower Resort feature- the Tiki torches lit at night piped in with the Hawaiian music on the paths along Seven Seas lagoon...
  7. TongaToast21

    Thoughts on "holding" quick service tables?

    agreed. if I wasn't at Disney and letting nothing bothering me, would be a different story. Goes to show you the magic of WDW
  8. TongaToast21

    Thoughts on "holding" quick service tables?

    dont you love the dirty looks you get from someone when you politely try and let them know you're trying to keep up with normal traffic pace?
  9. TongaToast21

    Sky liner, great idea but ...

    unfortunately it looks like they won't be painting them... another member here pointed out they are galvanized steel which makes it very difficult for paint to stick... :(
  10. TongaToast21

    Are you a WDW loyalist or another type?

    Glad to see Hershey park on here! They have some great coasters
  11. TongaToast21

    Trip Report “Excuse me ma’am, can you put your phone away? Snow White doesn’t like apples” March 2019

    agreed, but at least they have the disney tails collection to spoil him/her when you come back! I got a madame leota tomb stone chew toy for my italian greyhound, and a cute mickey pants bandana
  12. TongaToast21

    Sky liner, great idea but ...

    I'm all for them and think the SL is a welcome addition, dont get me wrong.. and truthfully doesn't really affect me since I usually don't stay at the Skyliner Resorts. I was just hoping they'd be incorporated with the resorts a little bit better, but I guess it makes sense for them to be...
  13. TongaToast21

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner

    Laughed at this from a recent Tim Tracker video— if you’re staying at CBR in room 5255, you’ll have this lovely view from your room!
  14. TongaToast21

    Sky liner, great idea but ...

    I think the poles are the eyesore- hoping they paint them or theme them to whatever resort they are cutting across
  15. TongaToast21

    Riviera Pricing and Point charts

    Self admittedly, I wish I had a better answer. I think my sentiments regarding the lack of theming/disney flare combined with the fact that they're just "building over" part of another resort just makes me think they didn't really give it their best effort from an imagineering standpoint. You...
  16. TongaToast21

    Riviera Pricing and Point charts

    Who do you think this is catering to? Retiree/ Baby Boomers looking for a luxurious escape? That seems the most logical to me given the resort's draws
  17. TongaToast21

    Riviera Pricing and Point charts

    I'm with you here. It's going to be luxurious but in my opinion (which i know isn't shared by everyone) it seems like a stale themed (throw in some hidden mickeys) monolith of a building on reclaimed Caribbean beach land. While dining and other things will be top notch, it just doesn't do...
  18. TongaToast21

    A WDW Veteran's Thoughts on Disneyland

    I did not. I actually didn't know about it! Unfortunately we only had 1.5 days last time so we had to maximize our ride time. Have you?
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