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  1. myhappyplace

    Pre-Trip A Bestie trip to POFQ~ June 2019

    Awesome! If you see us, please say hello!!
  2. myhappyplace

    Pre-Trip A Bestie trip to POFQ~ June 2019

    Mostly credited to DH (@Mrhappyplace ) we were able to get the FP we wanted yesterday! Penny was without wifi, and I start work at 7am, no cell phones, so I left him lots of written instructions, and he nailed them! I tweaked a bit here and there, but priorities were Alien Swirling Saucers and...
  3. myhappyplace

    Trip Report I Will Survive.....Spring Break LIVE!

    Don't know if you saw, or if you have a May trip planned, but PizzaRizzo will be opening temporarily from May 4th- end of May!
  4. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Aloha...E Komo Mai to Our Aulani Adventure!

    I look forward to reading this, though I've been to Hawaii a couple of times, it is my DREAM to stay at Aulani!!
  5. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Spring Trip To WDW

    All caught up!! I'm eager to hear your review of the Wave dinner/ TotW dessert & drinks package, as I'm doing that in June and have no experience at either! Love all of your pics with Donald. This time of year is beautiful at Epcot!
  6. myhappyplace

    Trip Report I Will Survive.....Spring Break LIVE!

    I wish, cause that's when I'm going too, but I don't believe she has a trip planned then :(
  7. myhappyplace

    Trip Report The "We've Made a Huge Mistake" Trip - Disney with an infant (don't do it)

    LP is the spitting image of R! Sorry it was such a rough go, but glad you could introduce her to WDW at such a young age, start her off right :) We felt the same about Homecomin'...loved all the other food (and some I really really loved) but the chicken-which he's known for- was just meh for us.
  8. myhappyplace

    Trip Report I Will Survive.....Spring Break LIVE!

    I've got Penn State covered!! :D Re: the finger scans: at work we use fingerprints, and I've been told they pick up your fingerprints better if your hands are "dirty"...they tell us to rub our finger across our forehead, and that usually works for me. We've had that same server at Beaches &...
  9. myhappyplace

    Trip Report I Will Survive.....Spring Break LIVE!

    Happy travels! It's spring break in my county as well this week, though I'm a preschool (toddler) teacher and let me tell you- they come year. round. No break for this teacher. Looking forward--always--to your trip reports, but especially this one as it's where I'm staying in June for the first...
  10. myhappyplace

    Trip Report The "You plan, I'll go" Trip - March 2019

    Count me in!! Both for the report, and for the hip-pack club! I bought 2 for my June trip!
  11. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Livin' La Vida Local

    Too bad that the raspberry flavor of the Hei Hei cone didn't seem strong, because that's what drew me to add it to my snack list for June! I mean, I will still try it but...
  12. myhappyplace

    Pre-Trip A Bestie trip to POFQ~ June 2019

    Thanks for posting this! I'm sure she'll ask, but at least I know what to probably expect, and honestly it's fine. I will probably just decline mousekeeping then, to use toward the parking cost.
  13. myhappyplace

    Pre-Trip A Bestie trip to POFQ~ June 2019

    Thank you! I've always wanted to stay there. Visited once, and was very attracted to the layout and the feel, so I'm looking forward to it. Double digit day today!! 99 days!! I'm the lead name on the reservation but yes she's on it. Yes, please do! fingers crossed we both get our desired FP...
  14. myhappyplace

    Pre-Trip A Bestie trip to POFQ~ June 2019

    Maybe someone can answer me this: will Penny's (my friend that is going with me) DVC membership cover my parking fee at the resort?
  15. myhappyplace

    Old Key West Help

    Banana bread french toast at Olivia's. That's all I have to say! (I've never stayed there, just had breakfast...but man was it good)
  16. myhappyplace

    Trip Report THE ONE WITH THE CREW AT CHRISTMAS; December 21-28, 2018 **COMPLETE**

    My grandmother cycled through all of the granddaughters' names before she got to me, lol. And now that I'm a teacher, I do the same to my class...doesn't help that I have three boys with the name Jaxson spelled the same way...
  17. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Brifraz's Vaguely Live Rated R Trip Report

    You have some beautiful Marys! I love Raglan Road, can't wait to eat there again this June!
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