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  1. Legendary

    Magic Kingdom losing evening EMHs?

    It will be interesting to see if they start adding more hard ticket evenings if guests will abandon regular tickets all together. If there were enough nights during my stay I would just do all hard ticket nights. Why deal with all the crowds? Relax at the pool all day and enjoy low crowds at...
  2. Legendary

    News Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach testing new Splash Pack packages

    Knotts and Sea World offer packages that are actually a decent deal, not sure about Universal. We probably would have left the parks to get food if we didn’t buy the plan.
  3. Legendary

    News Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach testing new Splash Pack packages

    An all day AYCTE in park dining plan might help as well. We usually head in for just the morning/early afternoon. It might entice people to stay a little longer.
  4. Legendary

    News Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Construction/Specifics

    Has anyone heard of AP or DVC previews being a possibility?
  5. Legendary

    News FPs cancelled when Hotel room cancelled

    I was just curious because the response that I got when I emailed Guest Services is that if I had stand alone tickets I would be able to book both reservations at 60 days.
  6. Legendary

    News FPs cancelled when Hotel room cancelled

    Did you have stand alone tickets? Or package tickets?
  7. Legendary

    News FPs cancelled when Hotel room cancelled

    It is unclear how drops at the beginning of a reservation will be handled.
  8. Legendary

    News FPs cancelled when Hotel room cancelled

    Your fast pass from the days that you dropped will automatically be cancelled. It prevents guests from going offsite while retaining the early FP booking window.
  9. Legendary

    Jersey Roll Call!!

    Grew up in central Jersey. Edison, Clark and Branchburg. Pork roll please!
  10. Legendary

    Buying alcohol near WDW

    Not sure about Garden Grocer but you have to be present with an id for instacart when you have alcohol delivered.
  11. Legendary

    Parking fees at Resorts

    Bottom line you have choices. If you don’t like the parking fees you have the right to find another place to stay. You want to send a message to Disney, stay off property. But deliberately not paying for something that you knew about ahead of time is just wrong. It is really sad that your...
  12. Legendary

    Military Discounted tickets and MDE

    You will need to call to add the dining plan. MDE has no way of recognizing that your Military. Yes, I forgot make sure you double check that you got the military discount on the resort.
  13. Legendary

    Military Discounted tickets and MDE

    Yes. We get our tickets from our local base (she does not have to go through SOG) and they give you vouchers that need to be exchanged for tickets at guest services at any park or Disney Springs. The vouchers have a number that can be linked to MDE. ou can then make your fast pass reservations...
  14. Legendary

    Are you planning on staying at the Star Wars resort?

    We would stay based on price and do a split stay. Since it’s supposed to be completely immersive we would treat it as an experience rather than a resort stay. That would mean staying at the resort rather than going to the parks open to close like we normally do. This means 2 days max, preferably...
  15. Legendary

    Rope Dropping MK EMH

    Thanks. That really clears things up. Would hate to get up early and end up lining up in the wrong spot. I learned my lesson once before and always check the forums 1st now. Made the mistake of trying to go to Big Thunder at rope drop during EMH...that side of the park is closed 🤪
  16. Legendary

    Get out your crystal balls, Do you foresee Disney parks getting better, worse or staying the same?

    I have noticed that it has gotten worse each year for the past few years and I don’t think they are moving fast enough to accommodate the amount of guests that come in every day. The Theater in MK would have been a huge improvement and I was so sad to hear that it was canceled. People eater...
  17. Legendary

    Resort Parking Fee

    Stop by the front desk before heading to your room. If your returning your car that day and not parking at the resort overnight then you will not be charged the parking fee.
  18. Legendary

    Rope Dropping MK EMH

    Thanks. I just wanted to make sure we lined up in the right spot.
  19. Legendary

    Rope Dropping MK EMH

    Has anyone rope dropped MK recently? Where do people start lining up for 7 Dwarfs? We usually get a FP and RD Space so never really payed attention to where people lined up or where they were led to but I vaguely recall seeing them being led over the bridge towards teacups. Is that correct? I...
  20. Legendary

    Can someone give me an estimate on how much my first trip would cost

    It’s impossible for anyone to give give you a rough idea with out more details. # of days, park hoppers?, on/off property? Deluxe?Moderate? Value? Your best best is to start at Disney’s website and price out your vacation. FYI, adding the dining plan will significantly increase the cost of...
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