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  1. 5thGenTexan

    Steamboat Willie LEGO

    New Steamboat Willie set coming from LEGO!! https://jaysbrickblog.com/2019/03/19/announcing-lego-21317-steamboat-willie-a-celebration-of-mickey-mouse/?fbclid=IwAR2EOq775utjEZS939anpQM2dL1p7d290qxqM8eZxmuKQ6XurC7LMj-Uor4
  2. 5thGenTexan

    The Tobacconist

    I am still finding stuff from our 1985 trip. Today it was this full book of matches from inside the park.
  3. 5thGenTexan

    10 Year Agreement - Galveston

    DCL sailing out of Galveston for next 10 years under new agreement. https://www.khou.com/article/travel/good-news-if-you-want-to-take-a-disney-cruise-out-of-galveston/285-d43784b7-538b-4779-bdd4-da5c1d1db2f9
  4. 5thGenTexan

    Animation Sound Effects - Jimmy MacDonald

    Letterman could have shown a little respect...
  5. 5thGenTexan

    Bedknobs and Broomsticks

    My kids are getting their first taste tonight. So far they are sticking with it. :)
  6. 5thGenTexan

    Where / What is this Building?

    I was there, but I don't remember what this is. My first trip 1984 or 1985. Found a big stack of pictures from my mothers hoarding house. Some are nasty, but I at have them now. So, what is this building?
  7. 5thGenTexan

    Princess Bride Ride

    Its just art, that all. Cool nonetheless. https://nerdist.com/the-princess-bride-theme-park-ride-fan-art/
  8. 5thGenTexan

    You Think You Had a Bad Day?

    After much exploration because of a nasty smell I found a dead snake caught in the frame of my truck that I had to get out. :eek:
  9. 5thGenTexan

    I Turned Into an Old Person

    I was always making fun of my grandmother for not even trying to try some new fangled thing, like a cell phone or a computer. :) I think I arrived at that point myself. In 1994 I went to Walmart one night and picked up a modem on a whim. I was on the internet poking around at 2400 baud and...
  10. 5thGenTexan

    Go Home PhotoPass

    You're drunk. I just got an email that my vacation photos expire soon. I got 11 pictures of empty Splash Mountain boats and one photo of people I don't know. All from June 2017. We were at DLR June 2016. Very peculiar.
  11. 5thGenTexan

    Might Have to Block the Disney Channel

    I have tolerated a great deal these past 8 years. Calliou, the Wiggles, etc.... Today my 8 year old decided to watch Austin and Ally and I can not tolerate that, nor any of the other similar shows. :hungover:
  12. 5thGenTexan


    Maybe I am wrong, but... Are there no fish, amphibians, reptiles or birds in Zootopia?
  13. 5thGenTexan

    Pixar - No More Sequels After 2019

  14. 5thGenTexan

    IF Haunted Mansion?

    Immediately after finishing up with POTC we exited and saw that the firework show was going on so we gazed at the sky as we made our way to the Haunted Mansion. There was no line. It was a quick walk right up to the front... so much I couldn't even look around as there were people walking...
  15. 5thGenTexan

    New Panama Canal Open and Operating

  16. 5thGenTexan

    4 Days - What We Missed

    We had 4 days to spend in the parks plus half a day in DTD. We were there at opening and stayed till probably 2:00 or so each day. and then returned at 6:00 something. Even though everyone said it would be enough time there was still things we just didn't have time for. Maybe it was because...
  17. 5thGenTexan

    What is THAT Building?

    The wndows and doors that have black film on them in the Space Mountain queue just before you turn to go inside?
  18. 5thGenTexan

    Point and Shoot

    We are going to California next week and I have kinda decided I want a P&S for the trip. My DSLR has been on 2 DCL cruises, a day at the Magic Kingdom, explored Mayan ruins, been to the zoo, and to the local Six Flags. I use a BlackRapid strap across my chest and my camera hangs on my right...
  19. 5thGenTexan

    I Received Disney Mail Today

    I had a package in the mail today. It contained 4 Park Hopper tickets for Disneyland Resort, 4 Disneyland luggage tags, two autograph books, and other assorted documentation. The airline tickets have been purchased. All we need now is to leave. :) We arrive at SNA on a Sunday about 10:20...
  20. 5thGenTexan

    1985 Lodging

    I am not sure if this is the right place for this or not.... What were the options for lodging in 1985? I assume there were hotels that were off site, but what about on the property? What were the rates like then? My mother is going through stuff in storage and I finally found something that...
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