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  1. Kristamouse

    Any details on the park ticket?

    I am in a few FB groups and some have mentioned sometime in January (18th-19th) that park tickets will be on sale? Does anyone have any additional info on this? Is it just another rumor? We are going to Naples in the Spring and cheap tickets sounds tempting for a detour;) Thanks!
  2. Kristamouse

    Insane crowds, more space needed

    I was there with our 4 kids and pregnant! I had a panic attack trying to exit at 9:30 that evening...
  3. Kristamouse

    For the first time in Forever 😢

    I feel the same way, Like a spoiled brat! Glad you understood my tone/point and hopefully we can both go back soon:)
  4. Kristamouse

    Anyone do uber while at a Disney resort?

    Yep, just don’t use Magic Kingdom as your location. Use TTC, leaned the hard way. It was my Uber drivers first fare and he was hearing impaired. Disney Security got involved and I had to explain because between the language barrier, first fare and hearing impairment it was a MESS😂😂😂 The next...
  5. Kristamouse

    Travel agents? Are they worth going through?

    If we are staying on property, which hasn’t been in a while, 6 kids here, we always use Kingdome Konsultants. I have also recommended them to my family and friends who have had great trips. So, YES aide a TA is not KK then make sure it is a good one. Our neighbors used AAA locally and I knew...
  6. Kristamouse

    For the first time in Forever 😢

    **This is First World Problem Post** Like the title says, for the First Time In Forever, we don’t have a trip to plan. We have been attending WDW a few times a year since my first trip in 2001, Hubs went a few times as a child. We have 20+ trips under our belt on and off property and a for a few...
  7. Kristamouse

    News Dragon caught fire in today’s Festival of Fantasy parade

    Glad all Humans are ok... So how was the fire put out? Was the gas cut and it flames out? Did they stop the parade and walk the route to the closest exit? Didnthe prade and the scorched dragon finish the route? Thanks!
  8. Kristamouse

    Favorite bad attraction

    COP, my family of 8 with kids 14 to 2, are alway up for a ride. And not just to get out of the rain/Heat. Their Great Grandma lives in a home very similar so the 1940’s ish kitchen. Since they all have visited there it gives them some perspective on the appliances. She often tells them about her...
  9. Kristamouse

    MNSSHP - Actually Worth It?

    I will be sore Thumb and say not really. For Me it is about value, we went for years and saw the tickets prices rise with no additions. At one time the ticket prices were like $45.00 or so bucks, that was worth it! We did NOT use a park day ticket, swam and napped and showed up at MK at 4:00 in...
  10. Kristamouse

    Good idea ? Or not

    I still rock mine, this was a few weeks ago:) Buzz was in an E Stop and I realized how old my pin was and was curious if anyone else still repped I the parks...
  11. Kristamouse

    Status of the flu in DW

    I realized I didn’t answer your question. For you Toddler the standby line for Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, Whinny the Pooh and Mine Teain all have interactive set prices that guest can play with in line. We utilized the FP line to avoid these and then BEG not to touch. Mission Space, Buzz, Toy...
  12. Kristamouse

    Status of the flu in DW

    I posted a similar thread a few weeks ago. We have 6 children from ages 2 to 13. I was very nervous and was also hearing reposts of the parks being overrun, Walking Dead style, by flu stricken guests. That was NOT our experience:) We drove and stayed in two hotels (while driving) and a condo. I...
  13. Kristamouse

    What ride do you like that everyone else hates?

    COP and not just for the nap...
  14. Kristamouse

    Poll: Adult Trips to WDW.

    We took the kids in January and May. We went alone for Hubs conference in Orlando in March. It was nice to hang out with each other and know the crying kids were not ours;)
  15. Kristamouse

    Mobile phone usage on dark rides

    That is what waiting in line is for, findingnthe Next Fast Pass;)
  16. Kristamouse

    Anyone still have wdwmagic merchandise?

    I do, my pin is somewhere on me at each trip :)
  17. Kristamouse

    Best tv sitcom Disney World trip ever

    My girls watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Amazon and loved the ANimal Kingdom episode:) I watched with them Blackish did one and I loved the end when they all watched the fireworks. In the blackish episode some of the family used a VIP guide can anyone confirm if it is the same actor who...
  18. Kristamouse

    WDW quiz name

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