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  1. lnsemsf

    News Fastpass and DAS down 5-25-18

    I just got to Animal Kingdim And was told that fastpass and the accessibility service is down this afternoon. It was working at Epcot about 3pm so it’s recent. There seems to be lots of questions as to the extent of the malfunction. I’ve seen some people be able to use passes and others have...
  2. lnsemsf

    Finding Nemo: The Musical closing for 2 weeks in February 2018

    Just a heads up to any fans of the show, there will be no performances from Feb 4-18, 2018.
  3. lnsemsf

    Liberty Square Riverboat closing for short refurbishment August 2017

    For any lovers of the Liberty Belle, the riverboat will be closed August 1-10 for it's semi-annual maintenance.
  4. lnsemsf

    It's Tough to Be a Bug closing for a week long refurbishment April 2017

    It's Tough to Be a Bug is going to be closed from April 23rd-29th. If you really wanted to see the attraction during this period, It's Tough to be You!
  5. lnsemsf

    Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf Closing for 2 week refurbishment in January

    Just a heads up to all those putter people out there that Fantasia Gardens is closed from Jan 9 - 23 2017 for refurbishment. Don't worry though because you can still fill that hole in your heart over at Winter Summerland.
  6. lnsemsf

    Unreleased 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Subs construction photos.

    My friend's father worked at the Tampa shipyards back in the 60s and 70s (and to this day) and back then he was involved in the construction of the 20K subs for WDW. My friend gave me these photos which I scanned and I've had these sitting on my computer forgotten for about 10 years now. Since...
  7. lnsemsf

    Kali River Rapids closing for refurbishment in January 2017

    Kali River Rapids will be down for about a month for it's annual refurbishment. The dates are from January 3rd to January 29th.
  8. lnsemsf

    Liberty Square Riverboat closing for short refurbishment Jan 2017

    The Liberty Square Riverboat is going to be closed for a little over a week, Jan 3-12 2017 for some minor work.
  9. lnsemsf

    Walt Disney World Railroad closing for a 5 week refurbishment Jan-Feb 2017

    Just a heads up to those who like to ride the rails. The Walt Disney World Railroad is closing for refurbishment from Jan 9 - Feb 16 2017.
  10. lnsemsf

    The next President is coming, and the hall is closing for a LONG refurbishment.

    Hall of Presidents will be closed for a 6 month refurbishment to re-work the show and add the next President of the United States. The show will be closed January 17 - June 29, 2017. Hail to the closure!
  11. lnsemsf

    Carousel of Progress closing for 4 day refurbishment in July 2016

    Just a heads up, Carousel of Progress will be closed July 25-28 for short refurbishment.
  12. lnsemsf

    Voyage of the Little Mermaid show at Hollywood Studios closing for 4 days in July

    The show will be dark July 24-27 for a small refurbishment.
  13. lnsemsf

    Walt Disney: One Man's Dream closing for brief refurbishment in July

    One Man's Dream will be closed July 16-19 2016.
  14. lnsemsf

    Fantasia Fairways course at Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf Closing for refurbishment in April 2016

    The fairways course will be undergoing a slightly over 2 week refurbishment from April 4 to April 20, 2016. The gardens course should remain open as normal during this closure.
  15. lnsemsf

    The Boneyard playground at Animal Kingdom refurbishement in February - March 2016

    The Boneyard will be closed from Feb 22 through March 17th. Not huge news, but you never know who absolutely loves an attraction so I figured it was worth a post.
  16. lnsemsf

    Jungle Cruise to close for 3 day refurbishment in March

    Jungle Cruise will be closed for a 3 day refurbishment from March 1-3, reopening on March 4th. Expect sweeping, major, earthshattering changes from a closure of this magnitude.
  17. lnsemsf

    The Magic Carpets of Aladdin closing for brief refurbishment in January 2016

    Just a heads up for anyone who can't live with being able to spin in a circle and elevate on 3 different rides (including both Dumbo's) and just desperately need a 4th... The Magic Carpets of Aladdin will be closed January 25 - February 3rd, 2016. Now is the time to call and cancel your...
  18. lnsemsf

    Flights of Wonder going dark late January for a near 2 month refurbishment

    Flights of Wonder will be dark from Jan 25- Mar 17,2016. This is an extended, rescheduled closure that was originally planned for October. As always dates are subject to change or cancellation.
  19. lnsemsf

    Maharajah Jungle Trek closing for 3 weeks in January 2016

    Maharajah Jungle Trek is going to be closed for refurbishment from January 4-21, 2016.
  20. lnsemsf

    Kali River Rapids closing for 5 week refurbishment January-February 2016

    A heads up to all who enjoy riding water rides when you can get hypothermia, Kali River Rapids will be closed Jan 4 - Feb 11 2016.
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