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  1. fridgepoliceman

    Homes4uu any good?

    Has anybody stayed at one of these "Homes4uu" places? Apparently you can rent a giant 5 bedroom home for $200 per night during New Years. They all include their own private, glassed-in pool and hot tub. 7-12 minutes "from the magic". I found it through that room-finder thing at the top of every...
  2. fridgepoliceman

    Oh my life...

    Today I attended a funeral for a friend of mine who committed suicide on Saturday. I never get sad until the funeral and I just cant stop crying. I havent been to Disney in over a year now and I've been going a little crazy. I love my mom soooooo much!!! She just told me we'd be leaving tonight...
  3. fridgepoliceman

    Ninjas are totally cool!

    check out this website Real Ultimate Power!
  4. fridgepoliceman

    GTA: Vice City

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hit the shelves today, and I'll be darned if I wasnt one of the first to buy it! I love the gta series. This game is GTA3 taken to a higher level, or a very modified version. If you love to blow off your steam by killing people in video games, I cant think of a more...
  5. fridgepoliceman


    I was wondering if there is some place or person where I could get inside info about the college program, and not from the main cp site, because its not very informative about day to day details. Thanks!:)
  6. fridgepoliceman

    My mom is your dad.

    Think about it...... It's scary right? is anyone else drifting out of consciousness this fine afternoon?
  7. fridgepoliceman

    French Speaking Thread

    Salut! Ca va? (does anyone know how to make the "C" with the curl under it?)
  8. fridgepoliceman

    Having your ashes scattered at Disney

    My mother recently told me she wanted to be creamated and that her ashes were to be spread near some flamingo pond in WDW(I forget where exactly). I just wondered... is there some sort of outdoor vaccum that they use around the park..lol..or is there anything in a dead persons ashes that would...
  9. fridgepoliceman

    almost as funny as seinfeld

    has anyone seen Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO? I know its been on for a long time and you probably have but I finally saw it last night. they had a double episode. for those of you that dont know... Curb Your Enthusiasm is a show starring Larry David( co-writer/producer of seinfeld and the basis...
  10. fridgepoliceman


    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
  11. fridgepoliceman

    First day of school

    Who started school today? I'm finally a sophomore today. it feels good to have evolved from freshman mode. :lol: :animwink: . anyways, I actually have homework to do(if you can believe that crap) . Well, see ya!:)
  12. fridgepoliceman

    Worth anything?

    post things and hope to get them appraised. I was wondering about this. can anyone tell me anything?
  13. fridgepoliceman

    SNL videos

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some good Saturday Night Live videos. I'm watching it now, and I want to shoot myself for not taping this episode. Thank you.:) :animwink:
  14. fridgepoliceman

    Austin Powers 1 & 2

    I know that there's too many trivia threads to keep up with already, but in the spirit of Austin Powers fever, and the new movie, I'm starting this thread. Notice how the subject says 1 & 2. I'd prefer if nobody asked any questions about Goldmember, because most people either haven't seen it, or...
  15. fridgepoliceman


    How many people here live in Minnesota? I know there's a few... but Fievel is the only one that comes to mind. I was born and raised there myself. I wonder whats happening at the mall of america. I used to work at camp snoopy. I'm taking a little week-long trip there tomorrow. Just talk about...
  16. fridgepoliceman

    Disney call

    I just got a phone message saying I could get a nice 5 day florida vacation staying in a ramada right next to disney for $99 per person, and people under 18 are free. Then they said they'd throw in 2-day disney passes for each person for free. I have to respond in 24 Hours. Has anyone else...
  17. fridgepoliceman

    What Shows Do You Watch?

    Just wanted to know what shows everyone here watches. This is just a way for everyone to get to know each others personalities a bit better. I'd post mine now but I'm late for a very important date.:animwink:
  18. fridgepoliceman

    Adult Swim

    Does anyone here watch adult swim on cartoon network? It comes on late sunday nights and has adult oriented cartoons. Theyre the funniest shows! Like Aqua Teen Hunger Force.. Its about a box of fries, a shake, and a wad of meat, who are supposed to be super heroes but theyre just lazy and they...
  19. fridgepoliceman

    Seinfeld Trivia

    Hey! I was just reading some posts, and it seems many people are Seinfeld fans... And I'm proud to say I'm one too! I expect the difficulty level to vary, but lets start off with something real simple. What is Kramer's first name?
  20. fridgepoliceman

    Finding Nemo

    Does anyone know anything or where I can find info about the new Disney/Pixar movie Finding Nemo? Maybe I sound like a dork to all of you because you know everything there is to know about this movie!? But I dont so dont make fun of me please:)
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