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  1. Nj4mwc

    All In? Disney Springs

    So I’m arriving at Disney tommorow, I am wondering if there are any bars at Disney springs or even at the resorts that might happen to show pay per views particularly The All In wrestling poverty airing Saturday night.As a huge pro wrestling fan this is a can’t miss PPV and I was hoping I could...
  2. Nj4mwc

    Priceline express deals

    So I’ve been checking Priceline express deals and then cross referencing with expdealshotel.com and wondering if any body has experience with knowing what hotel your getting. Supposedly that’s art of animation for the week in sept I’m going on wondering if this is legit and if I should take the...
  3. Nj4mwc

    Beverly’s revenge Anyone

    So I just learned of the existence of The Beverly’s Revenge at the Coca Cola experience in Disney Springs. I love Beverly and am wondering if this is a cocktail worth seeking out. We only visit about 1 week a year and the kids take precedence on what we do. Is this worth seeking out and using...
  4. Nj4mwc

    Eating in your car

    So typically at any amusement park, we always eat out in the car. With the quality of Disney food declining, prices going up,parking charges, nasty value room back in September. We are looking at staying off site and putting the cooler in the car and heading out to eat. Anyone else use this...
  5. Nj4mwc

    Vegan on a cruise

    I assume theirs the usual salads, fruits and veggies one can find in the restaurants and buffets on the DCL, but do they have any other vegan options, i.e. Tofu, seitan, bean burgers etc?
  6. Nj4mwc


    so does anyone know if it's possible to purchase Beverly online anyway. I've checked Amazon and a few google searches but can not find any for sale. I used to hate it but I think years of drinking IPAs has accustomed me to more bitter tastes an as now I love it
  7. Nj4mwc

    Craft/local/unique beer offerings

    so I may or may not be in Disney on the 18th(depending on if Irma does major damage) for about a week. I am slowly turning into a beer snob searching out local and unique craft beers. It's been two years since I've been to Disney and other than the offerings in the Germany pavilion I can't...
  8. Nj4mwc

    Minnies Seasonal Dine Hollywood and Vine

    Right now the Minnie's Seasonal Dine Hollywood and Vine is listed through Nov 4th for the Halloween Seasonal Dine. Will their be a Christmasr dining as Seasonal Dine for this announced. I noticed that when I booked a reservation for Wed Nov 8th, the reservation reads as seasonal dine but i...
  9. Nj4mwc

    Dining plan purchase with military discounted room

    if a book a room at the military discounted rate am I able to add the dining plan without having to buy a package with park tickets. I'm planning on just buying the military 5 day park hoppers on base
  10. Nj4mwc

    Lake Patrol

    so is the lake patrol at Disney world a separate security position, or is it you get hired as regular security and then eventually get to work over there. I retire from the Coast Guard in a few years so the lake patrol is kinda appealing. What does that position pay
  11. Nj4mwc

    City walk restaurants

    I will be in universal the weekend of may5 -9 we are thinking the bob marley restaurant and bubba gumo? Ive read on here that reservations are typically needed but when i yelp the restaurants all the comments say to make reservations first thong in the morning? Is this necessary? Do you have...
  12. Nj4mwc

    buffet tipping

    What does everyone tip at buffets in WDW. I am normally a good tipper. Even if a server is rude or terrible I still tip at least 20%, just seems like buffets the server doesn't do as much. Do they still get the standard low waiter wages or are they paid more,
  13. Nj4mwc


    I searched the threads but could not find this, does anyone have an actaul address to send a written letter of complaint to the magic kindom customer service. I know they have an online email contact form but i always prefer to send a handwritten letter first before going the electronic route.
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