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  1. Kram Sacul

    Marvel Land - Construction/Specifics

    It sounds as exciting as the Incredicoaster.
  2. Kram Sacul

    What Do You Actually Call the Rides?

    Oil Refinery = Mission: Bake Sale
  3. Kram Sacul

    "Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run - Ride and Queue Details SPOILERS!!!

    Probably because all the talanted ones were busy working on the Galaxy's Edge. The rest got stuck on ambitious projects like... Pixar Pier.
  4. Kram Sacul

    3D show showdown!

    Captain EO by far. It was an actual movie with a story and great dance sequences. The rest of the 3D shows were basically excuses to torture the audience. That being said Muppetvision is great and Philharmagic has some really nice effects but the current film at MK is really blurry. HISTA had...
  5. Kram Sacul

    Main Demographic For DCA?

    The gold standard is Disneyland, yes. The hub, the themed lands, the attractions. When they were designing DCA they seemed to forget about all of this. It's been biting them in the *** every since. The problem with Pixar Pier is that it fixed none of the issues of Paradise Pier and basically...
  6. Kram Sacul

    Main Demographic For DCA?

    DCA doesn't even know what it is anymore. Disney seemed to have a plan a few years ago but gave up on it. Now it's just a patchwork of Cars, Marvel and craptastic overlays no one wanted. At least there's booze.
  7. Kram Sacul

    You can have breakfast with a Disney princess — for only $125 per person - OCR/SCNG

    I don't see what the problem is. A room and a meal with a cartoon chick for $125 is a good value. They even throw in some booze.
  8. Kram Sacul

    The Status of Muppet*Vision 3D

    They might as well get it over with and make it another lame movie preview theater. It would fit better with the bland and generic Grand Avenue theme they decided to go with.
  9. Kram Sacul

    Michael Jackson

    Those are pretty good odds though.
  10. Kram Sacul

    Michael Jackson

    You mean you weren’t groomed/molested/abused and made to defend MJ years later against your will? How odd. Did you watch the "documentary"? Apparently that’s what happened there.
  11. Kram Sacul

    Michael Jackson

    Came here for the overly dramatic outrage and pearl clutching over the "documentary". Wasn't disappointed. I guess this stuff has to be reheated every 10 years or so to try to get some money and publicity.
  12. Kram Sacul

    I hate to be the one to do this but.....about Paint the Night...

    Works better at Disneyland since it is the successor to the MSEP. Even with the tie-ins to some attractions at DCA it’s just not as magical as seeing it go down Main Street.
  13. Kram Sacul

    Rank the Classic-Style DL Dark Rides

    Mr. Toad Pan Alice Pinocchio Snow White Everything Else Pooh
  14. Kram Sacul

    Marvel Land - Construction/Specifics

    I'm sure alcohol and a stack of cash was involved in that Micechat article.
  15. Kram Sacul

    The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

    No land to put a lake or ponds though.
  16. Kram Sacul

    News Paradise Pier Becoming Pixar Pier

    This is as exciting as when the Incredicoaster opened.
  17. Kram Sacul

    TimTracker or JustinScarred

    The Trackers. They seem genuine. Justin is knowledgeable but embarrassing to watch. Not as cringey as Fresh Baked but still.
  18. Kram Sacul

    News Tower of Terror to operate at reduced capacity due to an extended refurbishment

    They should really go back to CRTs for that authentic feeling.
  19. Kram Sacul

    News Fix the Haunted Mansion Intro Timer

    Really makes me grateful that these type of problems are absent from DL's original HM. No cheesy queue, the hatbox ghost and the mirror effect at the end isn't a TV screen. Just watch out for the annoying APs that talk over the stretch room audio.
  20. Kram Sacul

    News Tower of Terror to operate at reduced capacity due to an extended refurbishment

    I really wish they would fix the volume and upgrade the storm effects in the library rooms. The DCA version(RIP) had thunder and rain sounds with the lightning effects synced up. The DHS version just has a weak flash.
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