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  1. Nj4mwc

    Priceline express deals

    It’s on the Priceline website. Just look for the express deals header
  2. Nj4mwc

    Alien Swirling Saucers

    Yes but that whip ride a knoebels is 100000 times better than the alien saucers. My 8 yr old son who still loves these style kid rides wondered why the wait was so long for such a bad ride. I thought they were terrible and would never waste time walking back to them ever again. But I’m sure...
  3. Nj4mwc

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ...

    That’s insane, I do have plans to move to the Orlando area when I retire from the military but I have four years still do so my research regarding work, schools, where to live etc but no where in my plans is work at the parks/resorts. I want to be able to head to the beach year round, hit up...
  4. Nj4mwc

    All In? Disney Springs

    So I’m arriving at Disney tommorow, I am wondering if there are any bars at Disney springs or even at the resorts that might happen to show pay per views particularly The All In wrestling poverty airing Saturday night.As a huge pro wrestling fan this is a can’t miss PPV and I was hoping I could...
  5. Nj4mwc

    Hoop de doo Revue dinner show?

    How do you get a table by the stage? I’m going sept 2nd for the first time and paid for cat 1 seating, I really want to be right up front
  6. Nj4mwc

    Can I book FP's at 60 days for some not technically in my room

    If you have the military tickets your fast passes are connected to the ticket, but he has to have a room booked for him, so when he’s inside the 30 day mark he could cancel the room reservation but would not lose his fast passes, when you buy a package your fast passes are connected to the...
  7. Nj4mwc

    Priceline express deals

    So I’ve linked my Priceline express deal reservation to my Disney experience app and under the details it says NFV room only. Does anyone know what that means. My wife is convinced it’s some scam to put the Priceline buyers in some crappy rooms
  8. Nj4mwc

    Priceline express deals

    It helped that my wife and I had a few cocktails in us
  9. Nj4mwc

    Priceline express deals

    Well I took a gamble and got art of animation for 106 a night very excited we had pop century booked but this is cheaper and we have never stayed at AoA before we have don’t pop and the all stars
  10. Nj4mwc

    Priceline express deals

    So I’ve been checking Priceline express deals and then cross referencing with expdealshotel.com and wondering if any body has experience with knowing what hotel your getting. Supposedly that’s art of animation for the week in sept I’m going on wondering if this is legit and if I should take the...
  11. Nj4mwc

    Beverly’s revenge Anyone

    Dang I guess in sept I’ll just ask for it and hopefully the bartender will make it, are they pretty firm about sticking to the drinks listed
  12. Nj4mwc

    Beverly’s revenge Anyone

    I’m not a big Disney springs fan but the wife always wants to go so when we are there in sept I think I have to make it a point to to try
  13. Nj4mwc

    Beverly’s revenge Anyone

    So I just learned of the existence of The Beverly’s Revenge at the Coca Cola experience in Disney Springs. I love Beverly and am wondering if this is a cocktail worth seeking out. We only visit about 1 week a year and the kids take precedence on what we do. Is this worth seeking out and using...
  14. Nj4mwc

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ...

    I watch every day in DC as people line up at Georgetown cupcakes for hours instead of visiting anything worthwhile here
  15. Nj4mwc

    Parks gone to the dogs...

    Exactly, if you have a service animal then you are announcing you have some disability, no one needs to know what that is but you should sure have to provide proof it’s a real service animal.
  16. Nj4mwc

    Just Back and a few complaints

    Oh man Kevlar gloves in that Florida heat, your hands will smell like a rotting carcass at the end of your shift but yeah I agree I’d want them for safety
  17. Nj4mwc

    Just Back and a few complaints

    The electronics issue is a funny one, my kids have no time restrictions except no use during the school week. And most of the time the weekend will come and they won’t touch there stuff other days it’s all they want to do, but they still get dirty outside and play with sticks and rocks.., all...
  18. Nj4mwc

    Opinion: Toy Story Land's grand opening will be a disaster

    Took my son when he was 6 months old and my daughter was 3, much less stressful then them being 10 and 7, I’d kill for my son to be as well behaved now as he was at 6 months
  19. Nj4mwc

    Official Moving to Orlando Thread... aka, ASK THE LOCALS!

    So my wife and I have a 5 yr plan to end up I the Orlando area, once I retire from the military, how conservative is Orlando in regards to hiring people with tattoos, I’m not concerned about me, since all mine are easily covered. My wife though has the back and sides of her neck, entire...
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