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  1. Seanual757

    Why Walt Disney World Needs a 5th Theme Park By 2025

    They are well underway on the 3rd gate too it's right across from my work, the green fences are up the site work has been going on for the past 2 months. Disney needs to evolve you can only expand existing parks so much a 5th gate is needed and I would not be surprised already in the works.
  2. Seanual757

    Why Walt Disney World Needs a 5th Theme Park By 2025

    Disney needs a all out Adventure them park with thrill rides to keep families from doing split stays at Disney and Universal. Keep the folks in house. Disney's Florida Adventure 7-8 thrill roller coasters, Cars land and other rides.
  3. Seanual757

    Trip Report *COMPLETED* No Ring (delayed), No Rivers Light, & Donald Duck’s the President

    Very cool Congrats Nicole & Joe I am sure you are planning you next Disney trip in your head already.
  4. Seanual757

    7 day limit on Fastpasses

    Yes you are capped we are AHP Platinum Plus we are staying at Beach Club for 7 days booked our FP’s then tried to book FP’s a two weeks ago on a Saturday to just go for the day and we were unable to, so I had to drop our FP’s for the last day for our week stay just to book the FP’s. This part...
  5. Seanual757

    O’hana vs chef mickeys for breakfast

    Done both 3 times each we love them both for different reasons. My kids miss the buffet selection that Chef Mickey's offers, we do enjoy the table service from Ohana the food selection for breakfast is much less than the buffet. If it's your 1st time I say go with Chef Mickey's.
  6. Seanual757

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    DVC BoardWalk & Yat & Beach Club Spring Break 2018 Saratoga Springs June 2018 Trip
  7. Seanual757

    Pre-Trip My 1st Disney Christmas!! :)

    New weather update we will have a little chill in the air high 69 low 54 for Christmas day. Finally a cooler Christmas I am tired of waking up and wearing shorts on Christmas morning :) Enjoy your trip and Christmas, we are hitting DHS tomorrow night, and the MK Saturday morning for a few hours.
  8. Seanual757

    Best Disney World Resorts for Stretching Your DVC Points

    Own both VGF and Poly but stay mostly at AKL due to the least amount of points to use for a 1 BR.
  9. Seanual757

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    daily concrete pours they are catching up a good size pour this morning.
  10. Seanual757

    Margaritaville Resort Orlando

    Lots of building going on the company I work for we ship concrete daily to the project. My understanding was Summer 2018 for Phase I opening.
  11. Seanual757

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    Today is the day just waiting on our text that our room is ready and I am out of here @ noon from work and off to Disney. 1st trip for 2018 July 4th 2018 Trip
  12. Seanual757

    How quickly does October book up?

    We book October never had an issue @ 7 months out we are staying this week in @ Kidani Village 1 bedroom Thursday-Sunday. Been doing this for the past 2 years no issues.
  13. Seanual757

    New DVC Lounge Epcot

    They really need to make a lounge standard at ALL parks. We really love it as a quick stop over while at Epcot for some AC, relax for a few and grab a quick beverage.
  14. Seanual757

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    Until we check into AKL (Kidani Village Dvc) for my daughters 8th birthday trip.
  15. Seanual757

    Disney surveying guests regarding resort features

    I could go with all of the above more to enjoy.
  16. Seanual757

    EPCOT Center 35th Anniversary Events?

    We parked at TTC took the Monorail over easy in and out, we left around 8pm
  17. Seanual757

    Hurricane Irma

    Wednesday we will have a better idea if we need to take cover again. Looks how Irma changed from hitting Miami, to Mt. Myers, then up to Tampa, and crossed just to the west of Orlando. Far early to tell but back in 2004 we were hit 3 times with one of the storms making a loop and coming back...
  18. Seanual757

    Moonlight Magic

    Yea stinks that happened we are lucky we are local so we get to take advantage of the special DVC events. I will say we got spoiled this past week small crowds at the parks because of the storm. Cast members were handing out bags of the River of lights lanterns to take home.
  19. Seanual757

    I-75 could close north of Alachua due to Flooding

    Yea Hwy 27 is closed in High Springs just after Ft White all the way to 41 they have a detour going, Good luck you will make it as the roads are less congested daily.
  20. Seanual757

    Week of October 8th

    Majority of it is Food and Wine Festival we booked our stay 7 months ago and rooms were already going quickly, add to that Central Florida schools are out on 10/16. The Fall IMHO is the hardest to book because of the Food and Wine Festival.
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