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  1. Robbiem

    DHS Trolley.. Would You Approve or Oppose?

    Great idea, there was concept art with a trolley in the original MGM days but I dont know why it was never built it would have really plussed the park
  2. Robbiem

    Rumor Is the End of Innoventions Near?

    As a place to sample coke beverages from around the world club cool probably makes more sense in world showcase than future world
  3. Robbiem

    Rumor Brazil (and maybe others) Pavilion Coming to Epcot [not about Brazilian people nor a country wish list]

    Antarctica would be a fantastic fit either for Animal Kingdom or as a future world pavilion depending on how they went with the idea. A cold indoor world like a snow base with some interactive exhibits and rides would be great, disney could dust off the glacier bay plans from tokyo/Hong Kong
  4. Robbiem

    News Is Carousel of Progress getting a major refurb?

    Good idea! This makes it much more like the American Adventure- a historic animatronic show with an end film montage which can be updated more easily
  5. Robbiem

    Is there a smell....

    Oranges- that classic smell from Horizons or cinnamon, comming from the uk in the early 90s that was an exciting new smell and taste for a teenage brit!
  6. Robbiem

    Main Demographic For DCA?

    I can never understand this business model, the whole point of DCA was to make Disneyland a resort and encourage longer stays like people do at WDW. If you were doing this why would you go after a completely different clientele?
  7. Robbiem

    News New Space Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World

    Has there been any information on the menus? Will this serve out of this world food like srar wars and avatar lands or will be it be more normal with theming?
  8. Robbiem

    News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life

    I agree. Disneysea is a really good example of a complementary park which takes the magic Kingdom concept and does something a bit different with it
  9. Robbiem

    Walt Disney World: "Too Big For Its Own Good"?

    The problems with WDW aren’t the size of the resort but the lack of planning over the past few decades. If Disney had kept to a master plan for the resort and connected everything by monorail wedway etc it would flow better but since the mid 80s random development has left traveling around the...
  10. Robbiem

    Possible First Trip Questions

    DLP is easily doable as a day trip from Paris, it takes about 45 mins to an hour to get there from central Paris. If you can get your metro and park tickets before you go so no need to queue. The parks are close by and near the train station so no WDW style park hopping its easy to do both...
  11. Robbiem

    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    Im sure if Walt Disney World was being built now magic kingdom would be called something like Disneyland Florida
  12. Robbiem

    Height balloons, this time between TTC and Contemporary

    Actually im surprised they haven’t looked at this again putting a resort above the bus stations. On an unrelated note what happened to the site of the persian resort
  13. Robbiem

    Height balloons, this time between TTC and Contemporary

    I suspect a fantasyland themed hotel could end up looking like the one being built in Tokyo
  14. Robbiem

    Australian Disneyland

    Really interesting- great find. It sounds like the Sydney project was another iteration of the regional entertainment centre concpt disney have been kicking around for years. I wonder why they never proceeded. This and the similar Fukuoka plans are interesting what ifs
  15. Robbiem

    HKDL gets new castle, frozen land and marvel land?????

    Interesting does anyone know if there are utilitors in Tokyo or the other international parks. I know there are some in Epcot as well as magic Kingdom and a small one in Disneyland
  16. Robbiem

    HKDL Impressions

    I agree from the photos it really does look like the only resort where outside location really pluses the atmosphere in the park. I really cant understand why Disney isn’t investing more in Hongkong Disneyland to make it a true resort. With a little tlc and some more investment to create a...
  17. Robbiem

    Rumor: Zootopia Coming To Shainghai

    Im not sure why but for so e reason i could see this attraction being a zootopia themed version of the runaway railway ride at DHS
  18. Robbiem

    Space above the Tomorrowland speedway???

    Im surprised this and some of the other lounges haven’t been repurposed into a public spaces it seams a shame to leave them empty
  19. Robbiem

    Any Bets on What Comes After Galaxy's Edge?

    I hadn’t thought of this but you’re right. If the falcon attraction is very interactive I can see it being a real issue for a multi lingual park. I wonder whatnthe second attraction will be? I’d like to see a speader bike version of Tron but if its being designed for DHS as well I doubt if...
  20. Robbiem

    Resort Hopping at Star Wars Hotel?

    I suspect entry to the resort will be restricted and strictly controlled at least at opening. What will be interesting is if they have some form of day experience maybe in the form of a dining package or similar where you can visit from the park (for example in Dubai you can visit the burj al...
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