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  1. Hayley In Wonderland

    2 adults, 14 nights - how much spending money?

    This year (126 days away) we are returning to WDW for 14 nights. It is just me and my boyfriend, no children. I was wondering what would be the ideal amount of spending money to take? We're from the UK so need to get it exchanged, but were considering taking around £2,500.00 (around...
  2. Hayley In Wonderland

    Vegan at Walt Disney World - Nov 2018

    So me (vegan) and my partner (vegetarian) are visiting WDW in November for 14 nights. Last year we both attended as vegetarian - we didn't struggle with eating as such, but we did find a lot of the food very samey and bland, and a lack of veggie options in MK. I have done a little bit of...
  3. Hayley In Wonderland

    Part Savannah View at Animal Kingdom Lodge

    We are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge in November 2018 and we have a Pool View Room booked. Does anyone know the room number for a part savannah view room? I know they have a couple of these on property and since we are paying a bit more for a Pool View I was going to put in a preferred room...
  4. Hayley In Wonderland

    308 days until we stay at my dream resort!

    Good afternoon everyone! I am so over the moon right now. Me and my partner put down a deposit for a 14 night stay at AKL. It's a resort I have always wanted to visit, and even though its coming out to be a pretty expensive trip (I'm visiting from the UK and its coming in over £3,500 just for...
  5. Hayley In Wonderland

    Invoice from Coronado Springs posted to my house?

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me? I recently returned back from a 10 day trip to WDW staying at CS. Today we received an invoice in the post for $61.31. No explanation as to what the charges are for, no names on the invoice or booking reference, just the resort address, holiday...
  6. Hayley In Wonderland

    New member - trip in 18 days!

    Hello :) I thought I would join as my first trip on my own as a fully-fledged adult is in 18 days! Although I have done a fair bit of planning (due to being a vegetarian I've had the research places I can eat), any tips or tricks for my frist trip without parents would be super helpful. This...
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