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    Reviews from recent trip

    Thu March 22- Sunday March 25th Thursday Dinner- Yachtsman SteakHouse This is a restaurant I go to off and on and have never been let down. I would say on this trip, it may have moved up my rankings overall. The service was impeccable and very well timed. Not hovering, not absent. Great...
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    Food and Wine thoughts

    After going every year, I was considering skipping this year, but, after some thought decided a weekend would be a good getaway. I found it good that I went. The portions were larger and the overall quality was much better than in the past couple of years. Also felt the best booths overall were...
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    Food reviews from our 11 Day trip

    So here are some thoughts on meals during our 11 day stay. Im going to rate each restaurant and give some basic info. Party of 6 using TIW or AP discount at each ( except the Universal restaurant, which we got a discount at because a family member works for Universal.) We like to try a lot of...
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    Something to consider when a CM goes above and beyond

    We all know that when anyone in any service industry does somethign wrong we tend to complain loudly. Its a natural instinct. But, we often forget to also call out service that is excellent. At 1145 Friday night at Island Mercantile in Animal Kingdom, we had such an experience. The young lady...
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    Thoughts on restaurants from the past weekend

    Trying new places just to see how they are even if it didnt have great reviews Coral Reef ( late dinner): The price fixe menu isnt bad, the food was much better than a few years ago when I had it. Service was excellent. The restaurant looks dated but I would say it has improved greatly in the...
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