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  1. Emm

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner

    How did i know when i saw this story someone would try to make this comparison. This isn't even apples to oranges, it more apples to steak. A whole different classification
  2. Emm

    Does WDW let anyone "save" benches and curb space for parades?

    You leave it without a guard and i'd say it is gone. I've had luck guarding a laid out poncho while the rest go to get snacks
  3. Emm

    News Buzzy’s been stolen?

    You forgot Steph Curry letting us know the moon landing wasn't real. I'm sure as a part of the NBA experience deal, NBA stars are required to spread Disney's conspiracy theories.
  4. Emm

    News Beauty and the Beast sing-along coming to Epcot's France Pavilion

    I remember going in 1983 and all 3 films would have hour long lines that would go out to the main path around the lagoon. Those days are gone. My only wish is this being used as a theatre for a sing along allows it to stay a theatre for a beautiful film. Will it continue to show both, i hope so
  5. Emm

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner

    To ensure the mass chaos many want, all Epcot area resort guest and skyliner resort guest will be required to watch Illuminations in areas between Canada and Morocco. At the end of the show, they are banned from all shops, restaurants, food carts, and kiosks. They must immediate trample...
  6. Emm

    Are you a 'waver'?

    I only wave as instructed by my Jungle Cruise skipper to the people on the dock i'll never see again.
  7. Emm

    What's Your Favorite Gripe Thread to Hate-Read?

    But all those cancer survivors would just make longer lines, more fp+ users, and overcrowd the park. LOL
  8. Emm

    Anyone do uber while at a Disney resort?

    Used Lyft several times last visit. Made going resort to resort so much easier and $12 was worth the time saved with bus transfers
  9. Emm

    News Disney and Fox come to terms -- announcement soon; huge IP acquisition

    All i know is all this talk has made me excited for John McClane's yippie- ki- yay Christmas Celebration at Hollywood Studios. The throwing Hans Gruber off nakatomi plaza overlay of Tower of Terror will be great.
  10. Emm

    Scooters and Buses and Waiting, Oh My!

    If this was done by all, if would solve many complaints with ECV. Especially with rentals, many don't take time to learn it's use
  11. Emm

    WDW coupons for next spring

    The late April thru mid June discounts usually come out the 1st week of january. In 2016, it was January 4th
  12. Emm

    Tomorrowland Transit Authority refurbishment

    and go back to WEDway people mover. Always a better name
  13. Emm

    My Unpopular WDW Opinion - post yours!

    I only allow my kids to hit there siblings. Hit anyone else and i do take them away
  14. Emm

    Room Upgrades?

    My 1st trip as a parent, we got upgraded to courtyard view at WL. Of course 2 years later my wife insist we book courtyard since she loved seeing the pool from the room. The magic on that check-in was the CM talking to my 9 yr old about his favorite thing, the fireworks. The CM told him he had a...
  15. Emm

    Paying for your trip with Gift Cards

    I buy all my gift cards for out trip at Giant Eagle and get fuel perks. We normally don't pay for gas for 2 months when we pay for our trips
  16. Emm

    Why does Disney hate foreigners?

    Disney does negotiate shipping in U.S. and abroad but that extra cost is all the things the shipper has to do dealing with customs.
  17. Emm

    FP+ now available to 7DMT

    It took over an hour but got mine for June 9th and 12th
  18. Emm

    Birthdays and restaurants??

    When I made an adr for june, the cm asked about special celebrations. I told her my son's birthday was a week after. She asked if we would still be at WDW for the bd. When I sais no, she said thst she would have a special early treat for his birthday at the dinner. Another example of great cm
  19. Emm

    Families of autistic kids sue Disney parks over policy on lines

    First I want to applaud those who have shared stories of family and friends with disability issues. I think it has given a better understanding to many of the readers. I am all for the Disney parks having a way to help out families with disabled members. I agree with the post that have talked...
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