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    Public libraries

    In Celebration: http://www.osceolalibrary.org/West-Osceola-Library
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    MK, wow.. you amaze me

    Get...rid...of...them.... Ha!
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    News Figment Survey Questions are Back, But with very different/tricky wording!

    We sould be petitioning for Figment to finally be given his own animated show on the Disney Channel/new streaming service; or be named as a character in the sequel to Inside Out
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    Should Disney get rid of the monorails?

    Probably cheaper to remove the monorail than you think; certainly cheaper than tearing down 3/4 of a theme park (DHS)
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    Should Disney get rid of the monorails?

    That's it! Use the PeopleMover system, with an enclosed track to avoid the elements.
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    Should Disney get rid of the monorails?

    Not a surprise. No one would have had the need to use that line on you. They wouldn't have texted in the first place.
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    Should Disney get rid of the monorails?

    And yet you cared enough to reply means so much
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    Should Disney get rid of the monorails?

    Now that alternative transportation, at a far cheaper cost, exists, perhaps it is time to retire the monorails once and for all. Maintenance, performance, and technical issues are only going to get worse. Is it that important to keep the monorails? How easy would it be to replace them with...
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    Only 5 Hours in Disneyland - First time - What would you do?

    No, but do suggest you get a sense of humor. ;)
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    Cashless Disney and the Mark of the Magic Band

    No business in the United States is required to take any form of payment. While state laws may exist requiring the acceptance of cash or card, many new businesses are springing up that are cashless and require a form of credit or debit payment.
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    News Disney Parks Celebrate 90 Years of Mickey Mouse with the 'World’s Biggest Mouse Party'

    Wow.....look at the more manageable crowds... those were the days!
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    Unpopular WDW Opinions

    People-Mover is quaint but not really much of an attraction.
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    Any Bets on What Comes After Galaxy's Edge?

    Focus will turn to EPCOT, hopefully. Only a few more years until its 40th. That said, Disney Studios itself will probably begin the Fox immersion once that deal is finished. And I still think we need a land devoted to the Muppets at DHS, even if it's a pipe dream.
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    Insane crowds, more space needed

    I was hopeful they would finally open "International Street", or whatever was once proposed, when the Magic Kingdom Theater was announced, just to help the entry and exit crowds.
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    Hate for childless Disney fans

    "Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another" --Madonna Who cares what other people think? If it's not immoral or illegal, or impacting another person, why do other people think their opinion is important? Unreal.
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    My Issue With Themed Lands Built Around Franchises

    Disney is not beyond tearing down entire lands and altering the themed area to something else. Please see Bugs Land in Anaheim. Disney Studios is the perfect park for these franchised lands, as others have stated. It'll finally give that park a modern focus and reason for being. Toy Story has...
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