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  1. Goofnut1980

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    Sounds like Disney just needs to buy Panasonic. They have the free cash flow! lol
  2. Goofnut1980

    Third parking garage coming to Disney Springs

    I agree with you. DS back in the day used to have unique shops and merch. Now it is filled with stores I have at my local malls and merch I can get at so many of the stores on property. It is a nightmare to go down there now. We skip it most of the time now.
  3. Goofnut1980

    PHOTOS - Frontera Cocina unveils limited-time 'Taste of Mexico City'

    Having spent 6 months in Mexico City last year - the only thing that is close to it is the little boat for Xochimilco - which is frightening because folks pull up to your boat in a smaller wooden boat with a propane tank and frying and cooking items. The entire time I kept watching in amazement...
  4. Goofnut1980

    Haunted Mansion Changing Portrait Update

    I hope they have video screens.. no reason not to use technology. In December nothing flashed at all. They were just dark stagnant pictures on the wall.
  5. Goofnut1980

    News American Adventure: Submarine scene

    At least we are spending the money to build StarWars and Tron.. Everything else takes care of itself and never needs remodeled, maintained or sprucing up. :rolleyes:
  6. Goofnut1980

    Booking with DVC with slim pickins

    Please feel free to move this thread if it should be somewhere else. I went to the site to book and it’s the 11 month mark and Animal Kingdom and Polynesian for the 2nd week in December of 2019 has waitlists already. I have never seen it this crazy. I would assume it’s because of Galaxys...
  7. Goofnut1980

    News Tomorrowland love

    I love the way this could turn out!
  8. Goofnut1980

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Holy moly! That looks impressive!! The music score better be sold, because momma is gonna need that for the collection! That sounds amazing!
  9. Goofnut1980

    News Space Mountain exit being worked on

    I like how clean it looks, but how long until someone jumps the short wall to get a pic near the display?
  10. Goofnut1980

    Holidays at Disney's Hollywood Studios 2018

    So I wonder if they will be adding more to TSL. Because it seems a bit weak for all of the hype.
  11. Goofnut1980

    Spaceship in Spaceship Earth

    They need to make the first projection with the cave men hunting brighter. It is so hard to see!
  12. Goofnut1980

    News Star Wars A Galaxy Far, Far Away show closing for several weeks

    They could bring the hat back in place of this show.. just sayin. It was better to look at and it didn't even move! lol
  13. Goofnut1980

    News 2018 ABC Holiday Specials at Walt Disney World

    I expect there will be lots of "looks" into Star Wars Land during these airings. I remember being there back when NPH hosted the parade and if we heard them say.. back the wreath balloon up one more time, I was going to throw a dart at it! lol... The park was pretty empty overall, but MSUSA was...
  14. Goofnut1980

    Holidays at Disney's Hollywood Studios 2018

    Why can't they do overlays in Tomorrowland or Fantasyland? I have never understood why the MK doesn't get holiday decor all over the park. Even simple garlands over and around signage would be an added plus. They do a great job at Springs but the MK overlays just sort of end at MSUSA. I guess it...
  15. Goofnut1980

    News Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge (Project 89 - Development near Fort Wilderness)

    I welcome another great resort but what is fixing the issue with the parks being so packed. You are adding more rooms which means more guests in the parks. Adding Star Wars will only bring the Disney buffs but also adding the Star Wars folks as well. I just got home yesterday from a week down...
  16. Goofnut1980

    News Caribbean Beach Expansion

    Someone may have asked, but when did they go to Coke Freestyle Machines?? Do any others have that?
  17. Goofnut1980

    News Spaceship Earth closing early each day next week for planned maintenance

    Why do they still tier FP+ attractions in Epcot? The old FP way did not, it was just timed on when you could get them. That was one thing I LOVED with MaxPass in DL. All day, same day, you just went on the app, and got a FP. It was only day of, just like the old paper system. It was brilliant...
  18. Goofnut1980

    News New single-day ticket pricing will price all four parks at the same level

    A quick question on this. And I apologize if I missed the answer. Do the tickets discount the more days you play? Like now if you buy 5 days vs 4 days its like $30 more for the extra day.
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