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  1. Kman101

    News Move It! Shake It! MousekeDance It! Street Party coming to Magic Kingdom in the new year

    I'm totally in the minority it seems but I don't hate the new song ... lol I still don't care about this street party though. Never have. At least it will have Max and have live singers ...
  2. Kman101

    Interview with Bob Iger about the Parks

    Agreed. I'd love a Marvel refresh. They can only rely on Potter for so long. Next they'll milk Nintendo (and I don't blame them for milking either franchise ....). The problem isn't overlooking a mistake here or there (like us, rational people do), it's those who somehow think they do no wrong...
  3. Kman101

    No More Free Samples at Ghirardelli

    As @lazyboy97o said, giving out a free sample isn't unique to the Disney Springs location. Have they stopped giving out free samples at the other Ghiardelli's? What about DCA?
  4. Kman101

    News Tomorrowland Speedway and Walt Disney World Railroad to be impacted by TRON construction at the Magic Kingdom

    I was always sort of fond of the idea of a speedway going behind test track instead. Would have freed up the Tomorrowland spot for other things. Too bad they don't think of moving and rebuilding, but I know it sounds silly to a lot of people to go through that effort.
  5. Kman101

    No More Free Samples at Ghirardelli

    Taking away the free sample isn't likely to increase the amount of sales they get. It seems cheap on their part. And I'm someone who never once got a free chocolate. It just seems silly to worry about things like this.
  6. Kman101

    No More Free Samples at Ghirardelli

    Because a free chocolate will break the bank? LOL
  7. Kman101

    News Guardians of the Galaxy attraction confirmed for Epcot

    Trust me. Most guests know it's the "Guardians building". Those who think Potter is in Magic Kingdom, though, probably won't ;) It's very obvious. It's actually not the same as RnRc or even Soarin'. Despite seeing Soarin', both were still put in better locations to be more hidden. GoTG stands...
  8. Kman101

    Interview with Bob Iger about the Parks

    Yep. But yet so many give them a pass.
  9. Kman101

    Interview with Bob Iger about the Parks

    But *now* is it really an IP, under their current management? You just know they've had to be eyeing that coaster. Merch doesn't exactly fly off the shelves.
  10. Kman101

    Bob Chapek Confirms Disney Will Overhaul Epcot

    Bandaids are what they've been doing for a long time with Epcot. There never seems to be a real plan. Bandaids from 1994-2007 are why Future World is such a mess. And it seems to be more of the same. I just want the entrance more open and the tombstones gone. Can't they get moving on that one...
  11. Kman101

    Rumor Proposed Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    LOL I wonder how merch sales for Mary are doing. I really do think merchandising has played a significant role in the lack of desire to do a real Mary ride or overlay Coco into Mexico (that and if they can avoid spending more than they "have to", they will). Not saying it's the be all end all...
  12. Kman101

    Interview with Bob Iger about the Parks

    And there's no longer a queue for the banshees, I believe, you can just walk up and get one. I guess the "experience" of it is gone, but I haven't been in there to verify. (And also to be fair, most of the merchandise is ungodly expensive, shirts are going for 35 dollars ... I think that has a...
  13. Kman101

    Rumor Proposed Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    I don't hate the idea of a Carousel, but *just* a Carousel feels like a letdown to me.
  14. Kman101

    Rumor Proposed Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    Cherry Tree Lane fits in far better in that back area than Brave ever could, IMO, despite Brave possibly being more culturally relevant, although I doubt they'd really touch upon that unless it's a movie (we'd probably get a shooter ride -- not a hint or rumor, just my guess -- but guests eat...
  15. Kman101

    News Mickey and Minnie's Surprise Celebration coming to the Magic Kingdom January 2019

    Not really related but in talking about celebrations and cupcakes, it's sort of interesting how most of WDW's "purple potion" treats are all cupcakes (minus about 2 or 3 things) that are promoted, yet Disneyland has several unique and different food items and barely a cupcake ... specialty...
  16. Kman101

    Interview with Bob Iger about the Parks

    I'm sure I'm late to this ... but to be fair, they have no IP they can shove in Canada or America besides the Fab 5, IMO (and no, they shouldn't do that -- or the Muppets, they go anywhere at this point LOL). China could easily use Mulan depending on the new film. Did we get confirmation it...
  17. Kman101

    Interview with Bob Iger about the Parks

    I mean, Flight of Passage is a fantastic attraction (screen fatigue aside for some), and it's still getting 2-3 hour waits .... I'd say people are going for it. But I've also argued they could basically open anything and it'd be a hit and have a long line. Anything new will. I think it's just...
  18. Kman101

    Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I've been thinking that as well. It all feels very backstage-ish still. Like another poster has said, it's likely not on their priority list but some brick or facades would improve things tremendously. Commissary Lane and the lead up to Incredibles/TSL looks backstage now. It needs fixing. But...
  19. Kman101

    Tails on Slinky Dog Dash's Ride Vehicles temporarily removed

    True. But there's nothing wrong with holding them accountable for it being that way to begin with.
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