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  1. earnhrdt3

    Pirate & Princess Party Events

    just went on april 1st to the PPP and it was awesome! any tips on how to make the most of your time depends on how you want to spend you time...if you want to use the party for rides then you will have no problems as you will "walk on" to most of them...parade is pretty good and the fireworks...
  2. earnhrdt3

    Pirates and Princess

    don't miss it period!!! went april 1st and it was awesome!!!! pretty much had the park to ourselves!
  3. earnhrdt3

    just got back

    yes we were but we didn't meet anyone it was sprinkling and we had on our yellow rain things. we did meet cristina at the parade spot posted. the fireworks were delayed a few minutes and so we got ice cream right across from caseys and then stood right in front of it for the show.! sorry we...
  4. earnhrdt3

    WDW Character Pic of the Day

    here's me and the army
  5. earnhrdt3

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 3)

    here's the newest of my castle pics from our trip last week...whatcha think?
  6. earnhrdt3

    WDW Character Pic of the Day

  7. earnhrdt3

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 3)

    thanks so much...yeah i think it's a pretty good pic!
  8. earnhrdt3

    WDW Character Pic of the Day

    here's sorcerer mickey enjoy!
  9. earnhrdt3

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 3)

    trying this for the first time enjoy!! (if i get it right! lol)
  10. earnhrdt3

    just got back

    thanks! ill get the report up soon!:)
  11. earnhrdt3

    just got back

    well i'm home ...trip update to follow in a few days....always a bummer coming back to the "real" world!
  12. earnhrdt3

    Wrestling Takeover in ORLANDO

    :ROFLOL::ROFLOL:Amen to that!!!! and instead of chair shots the are using the stoller in the back routine!
  13. earnhrdt3

    business this week

    do you all think since orlando is hosting wrestlemania that it will really increase crowds at WDW?
  14. earnhrdt3

    PPP 04/01/08 meet and greet

    leaving tomorrow see you all there!!!!!
  15. earnhrdt3

    Disney Memories

    am leaving tomorrow to i'll get you a picture! will be back in a week! see ya soon and keep you chin up!
  16. earnhrdt3

    PPP 04/01/08 meet and greet

    3 days left till we leave!!! hope some ppl will join us at the PPP. times are in this thread... see you there!
  17. earnhrdt3

    Shuttle Landing

    i'm watchin' online....wish i was there!
  18. earnhrdt3

    Safety at Disney

    i got 3 words for ya! groin, knees and eyes!
  19. earnhrdt3

    adventurer's club

    hey would someone fill me in on how to enjoy the adventurer's club? i want to take my wife next week and impress her by somewhat knowing what's going on....any tips or stories? any help would be apprectiated... i've been before but didn't have a clue what was going on.... thanks in advance...
  20. earnhrdt3

    Now what?

    sorry to hear your suffering! i do hope you had a great time would love any crowd info or anything you care to share as we leave in 1 week! thanks remember the magic!:)
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