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  1. Monorail_Red_77

    News Disney plans to accelerate Parks investment to $60 billion over 10 years

    Knowing Iger, he is counting the newly opened World of Frozen in HKDL as one of those 7 lands. Probably even counting World Celebration as a new land in Epcot too. Hey! There's 2 of the 7 already built. We're ahead of schedule now. ;):banghead:
  2. Monorail_Red_77

    News Tomorrowland love

    I have seen in other online sources that background music is testing at Tron currently. Not sure if it is intermittent or on all the time. Also, was able to ride WDW RR through new TronTunnel. Pretty neat experience and some quick nice views. A Tron Train went by right as we cam into window view...
  3. Monorail_Red_77

    Epcot 40 Fan Meet-Up

    I hope to be there after 2pm park hopping starts, for a bit.
  4. Monorail_Red_77

    Orlando Becoming East Coast Headquarters for Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products

    On Sep 5th, when I drove past the Lake Nona WDI spot it has already been reseeded with grass growing in very well and all construct equipment was gone. Reminded me of Reflections construction site.
  5. Monorail_Red_77

    Rumor New Monorails Coming Soon?

    Not quite sure how the resort fees are added to your resort stay. We have stayed multiple times since the fee was implemented and have never been charged when driving in, or leaving. We always book online via WDW. Just thought that was weird. Unless its is not shown as an individual line item...
  6. Monorail_Red_77

    Resort Hopping 2022

    I tried resort hopping a few times over the past few years during the pandemic and got the usual no answer. No Room Reservation and No Dining Reservation, no entry. So I would then uses WDW Transport to get into the various resorts for resort specific purposes. Fast forward to April 30th, 2022...
  7. Monorail_Red_77

    Journey of Water featuring Moana coming to Epcot

    To me the covered area center bottom area of the concept art looks like it will be a splash pad type area. Covered by tarps of course.
  8. Monorail_Red_77

    News Reedy Creek Improvement District and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District

    Yes, correct. Sales Tax collected by Disney goes directly to FL Department of Revenue. Filing frequency may differ Monthly/Quarterly/Annually. For me personally it is on a monthly basis for my business. It does not go to the local county or district.
  9. Monorail_Red_77

    Height balloons in Epcot parking lot

    Just add a blast of glitter when you go out the door to the outdoor portion. No more sight line issues. There's no problem with sightlines if you cant see with glitter in your eyes. LOL Oh wait, did I just give them another idea. Dang it!!
  10. Monorail_Red_77

    News New Polynesian Resort DVC villas building to open 2024

    They will likely build as close as they can to monorail track without the monorail running though it and then if needed push out into Seven Seas Lagoon and build additional land for the project.
  11. Monorail_Red_77

    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    I was more referring to recreating those designs and patterns with the Points of Light wither into a small show or as transitions in some type of Epcot through the years Points of Light show.
  12. Monorail_Red_77

    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    They could totally recreate the fiberoptic sidewalks at Innoventions West, that I would go for. Can you imagine seeing that on SSE. One of my friends used to work at WDW and knows the people that made them.
  13. Monorail_Red_77

    Iconic Purple Directional Signs Being Replaced

    I saw a green Epcot Resorts Blvd sign go for $3,000 once on eBay. It was the plastic type that are backlit and hang from the signal mast at intersections. It was just the plastic insert.
  14. Monorail_Red_77

    Theme breaking entertainment added to Disney’s Boardwalk

    Matte they are just lost and thought they were at Disney Springs? ;)
  15. Monorail_Red_77

    Fire at Magic Kingdom

    This is why we need an 1800's horse drawn fire brigade, they could have used that to get water and equipment down to the castle and not break theme. Would have never made the news. Guests would have thought it was a new show. They could even enlist the existing main street fire truck. I'm sure...
  16. Monorail_Red_77

    News Chapek FIRED, Iger New CEO

    I was super excited for about 2 seconds. I thought it said Bob Chapek was being replaced. Then after I read it again, I realized it was Iger being replaced. I hope she can turn things around. Time will tell.
  17. Monorail_Red_77

    News Walt Disney World holidays 2021

    Just to state again. While drive-in resort hopping is not allowed currently. You can resort hop via WDW Transport options. I have done this all year, including as recently as Oct 24. I also, will be doing this next weekend. While it does make your hopping take a bit longer, it is still a fun way...
  18. Monorail_Red_77

    Skyliner down at EP tonight. Crash?

    I think the biggest difference between the turning station and all other stations is that the turning station generally does not have to deal with stopped gondolas. I mean yes, the gondolas can stop in the turn station, though the entire line has to stop for this to happen. So a moving gondola...
  19. Monorail_Red_77

    Skyliner down at EP tonight. Crash?

    yes same wrap. I used to have my work vehicle wrapped and they used 50/50 perforated wrap over the windows. Same situation here. You can see out of it but it is not ideal viewing and horrible for pictures. If it rains forget about viewing anything. Water ends up getting into the small holes in...
  20. Monorail_Red_77

    Skyliner down at EP tonight. Crash?

    Total "crashes" I am aware of for Skyliner. Riviera Resort Station Hollywood Studios Station Epcot Station At least they are spreading them out.
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