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    Does Universal copy Disney? Poll and Thread!

    Disney revolutionized the theme park into what we see today. That's a better way to put it. Walt and the Imagineers took theme parks into something immersive where each attraction was like stepping into the experience instead of the offerings of amusements parks and simple "rides" of the day...
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    Which parade replaces the Main Street Electrical Parade in Disneyworld?

    I'm curious the fate of Paint the Night in DL if the Electrical Parade is moving there. Is Paint the Night moving overseas? I was holding out hope that something would be at WDW in July.
  3. gboiler1

    My 50th Anniversary Disney Trip

    We checked in and made it to DL by about 4pm. Busy today. We had a 25 min wait for Star Tours. Got pizza at the Rocket Port by Space Mountain and noticed FP was for 1025 to 1125 with 50 mins standby so e
  4. gboiler1

    SNA Airport Shuttle Association Thoughts?

    Here's first hand feedback from today albeit LAX, not SNA. While there were no issues with the service we caught the bus at 145pm. It was only about 4 minutes late so schedule was decent. The big drawback was an hour and 45 mins or so on the bus. I think we were the first stop at LAX of...
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    My 50th Anniversary Disney Trip the air and ready to get to the parks. Chicago Midway to LAX. We'll see if the timing is good to make it to the Dis Express for 145 or the wait for 245.
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    My 50th Anniversary Disney Trip

    Airline check in done, hotel ready, Disney Photopass+ in hand as well as buy 3 get 4 Day Park Hoppers. For the 8th time in my life and second for my DD we are embarking on our long awaited trip to Southern California and Disneyland, where I was first taken as a toddler in the summer of 1964...
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    Best Place To Buy Disneyland Tickets (Reliably)

    Check out I got a nice deal on buy 3 get one day free. Their deals were as good or better than anywhere else. Check out Mouse Savers for links and an overview on deals going on currently.
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    Disneyland hotel question

    Ahhh, no...yeah you're talking big bucks there!
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    Disneyland hotel question

    We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel in 2008 prior to the most recent refurbs and I know it was expensive but that was a splurge. I don't recall which tower we were in but we had a view just over the tree tops of the ESPN Zone and DTD. The room was nice and large. I slept on the pull out and...
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    59 years young!

    Thanks Raven, yeah, all I've found are the replicas as well. I do have some partial books from early visits. I think the oldest is from what I understand as a rare October 1966 printing. Some tickets were used but it does have one or two E tickets as well as the others. Fun to see what was...
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    59 years young!

    Do opening day tickets ever come up for purchase? I'd love to have one but might be out of my price range.
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    How Many Days at DL

    Up till our visit out west in 2008 we always went for one day to DL. Of course on trips before then there was no DCA. WDW is the reason many of us started thinking about multi day visits. Hard to believe before Eisner DL was closed a couple days a week!
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    home movies of walt disney

    That original film will continue to deteriorate. I would get have it professionally restored as well. There are some really charming videos on You Tube of the parks in the early years. Personally I love to watch them more than once.
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    SNA Airport Shuttle Association Thoughts?

    FYI if someone is taking the DL Express from LAX here's the info about the bus and schedule... LAX- After exiting baggage claim, lower level, proceed to the outer traffic island. The Disneyland Resort Express is the Official Disneyland scheduled airport service to Anaheim and operate the "Cars...
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    1st trip to Disneyland in October

    I know you'll love it. Also check out "it's a small world" which is also quite different from its Florida counterpart. I was exposed to DL first before going to WDW several times starting in 2000. WDW was an adjustment and a let down when I had fallen in love with the iasw facade. That's...
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    SNA Airport Shuttle Association Thoughts?

    Thanks Figment. I think I'm going to go with DL Express. We're staying at BW Park Inn right across for the DLR main entrance so I have to believe we'll be dropped off pretty much at the door (fingers crossed). We'll only have one suitcase each plus a small carry on, so a bit of a walk...
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    Space Mountain vs. Space Mountain

    I've heard the Yeti sneaks off in the Matterhorn at times and tries to decapitate with glowing ice crystals.
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    SNA Airport Shuttle Association Thoughts?

    I'm torn between the "Disney" bus service Disneyland Express and Super Shuttle. I'm leaning towards the Express bus though which is similar to Mears and we used on our last trip in 08. The bus is a bit more expensive but offers more room than the shuttle van. I'm not a big fan of squeezing in...
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