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  1. Tinkrbell

    Entertainment Costuming Cast Member

    Costuming cast are part of costuming and would have to audition/transfer to be a character cast member. Costuming cast are the ones helping performers get ready at the shows/parades, as well as doing laundry and presetting the costumes for the day.
  2. Tinkrbell

    Applying Out of State?

    Im not sure about the first part. I work in costuming & once you leave the company/department, any training/skills you had is disapproved. The only way to get those skills back is if you return to the department before those skills would have expired. I don’t know how it works for other lines of...
  3. Tinkrbell

    Darth Vader M&G

    Vader won’t be available for meet & greets for Visa or regular meet & greets before August 29th
  4. Tinkrbell

    DHS Parking lot remodel and expansion

    The area circled in pink is part of the cast parking lot. It was the original new lot while the newest expansion to the cast lot was being completed. It’s still cast parking, even with the new section open.
  5. Tinkrbell

    Will they only hire you with a set schedule?

    Your best option would be to try for seasonal. With seasonal, you can tell them the exact days & times you are available each week. For part time, you usually have to have 3 full days. I know for my department, you get hired for 3 set days each week, but can work more than that. If you only give...
  6. Tinkrbell

    New DAK Cast Member

    They got rid of capping about 3 years ago. I was really close to getting capped again after working a lot over the summer, but it went away that fall. They called people so they didn’t have to give part timers benefits. Cuz of the changes with the healthcare laws, they now offer benefits to part...
  7. Tinkrbell

    How can I change my regular days off and availability in the HUB?

    You would need to submit to scheduling on the Hub. It would be under “Schedules & Time.” I know in my department, coordinators can preference what days off they have, but it’s really up to the managers to decide who has what days off so everything is covered.
  8. Tinkrbell

    Switching from full time to part time

    To go full time from part time, you would need to apply for full time through Transfer Genie in the Hub. You can select up to I think 4 locations you’re interested in going full time at. Once you put in for it, it’s just a waiting game for something to open up & for the list to get down to your...
  9. Tinkrbell

    Frozen confirmed for Broadway - Spring 2018

    Just got back from seeing the first preview of the show in Denver. It was amazing! The new songs are phenomenal. I really enjoyed the way they brought elements from the movie to stage. Can't wait to see it again on Saturday.
  10. Tinkrbell

    FOP Fastpass 30 Days Out

    I managed to get one yesterday around 10am for the same day at 1pm. Decided to look as I was leaving work & there were several times available.
  11. Tinkrbell

    Part-time Questions (WDW)

    You would need to request the time off through the labor service center. Time off requests are not guaranteed as only a certain number are able to be approved off for each location per day. Once that allotment is reach, cast can be added to a waiting list in case someone decides to cancel their...
  12. Tinkrbell

    Park Crowds during D23

    I was there 2 years ago during d23. After standing in line to get into the convention center for 2+ hours, we decided to go to the parks that day instead. Went to DCA & pretty much walked on just about everything except Racers.
  13. Tinkrbell

    Part-time Questions (WDW)

    They got rid of capping about 2 years ago. I had been capped for about 6 months and was about to get capped again after being uncapped for a few months when they got rid of it. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that contractually, part timers are not guaranteed to be scheduled anything. Most...
  14. Tinkrbell

    Magic band questions

    I've also had the concierge desk at the resort help with prioritizing tickets.
  15. Tinkrbell

    Looking for a Disney cast member roommate room

    If you're on Facebook, there are CM Roommate Finder groups. I haven't used it, but know people that have had decent luck with it. I found a room to rent when I first moved here on Donald's Deals on the hub. It's basically a CM only Craigslist.
  16. Tinkrbell

    DRC Post interview Casting Question

    As long as you haven't gotten a definite "no," your application is good for 6 months and they can call you at any time during that time. It could be tomorrow or on day 29 of the 5th month.
  17. Tinkrbell

    DCP For Introverts

    Costuming has very, very little guest interaction. In costuming, our "guests" are our fellow cast members, whether it be in operational costuming (where frontline cast get their costumes) or entertainment costuming (characters, shows, & parades.) Costuming is a lot of hard work, but so worth it...
  18. Tinkrbell

    Rivers of Light FastPass+ Availability

    They were setting up stations for the standby line going from Discovery Island towards Finding Nemo. Since it was around 4:30 & there were no guests in line yet, I couldn't tell which end the line actually started at. The show was at 7:15 last night & they started letting guests into the theater...
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