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  1. MacDuffieMuppet

    Hiiii!!!!!!!!! :) Welcome to the boards. FINALLY!!!!

    Hiiii!!!!!!!!! :) Welcome to the boards. FINALLY!!!!
  2. MacDuffieMuppet

    The top 10 fails of WDW

    Close, but its more like: - The Spirit of Norway (in a Norwegian accent) -Ummm burning village -Creepy Troll-> Disappear, Disappear, Back! Over de falls - Rawr Polar Bear! and penguins -Oh look the outside, and a winking troll! -Oil Rig!!!!! -"Welcome Back Riders!" The ride always...
  3. MacDuffieMuppet

    I'm getting transfered to Frontierland attractions!!!!!

    as a former splash/thunder cast, have fun in frontierland, but i do know CBJ/TSI is short. I know a lot of cast don't like tsi at first but they enjoy the freedom of the island and the downtimes for weather. Have fun. I loved my time there
  4. MacDuffieMuppet

    Where to Live?

    I lived in chatham and patterson... I liked patterson better as if you needed somethign you could call the desk adn they would have longer hours and its more quite. Chatham felt more like a home, where Patterson felt like they cramed so many buildings into one area. Everyone was ontop of...
  5. MacDuffieMuppet

    Hi Guys ...I applied for wdwip

    Dont worry about it too much... I applied for a PI for spring/summer as well and had my phone interview last week. Mine were for ones specifically for wdwcp past participants. I was told that there are a high number of applicants and that there limited positions. Just be yourself and show them...
  6. MacDuffieMuppet

    Scuba Mickey

    hey! just wondering if anyone knows when scuba mickey will be diving again. I have a friend visiting soon and wanted to know if he would be diving any time in the next month or so. They take random trips and would like to see him. Thanks!! : )
  7. MacDuffieMuppet

    what classes should i take

    I wish I could choose which classes I take down there, but my school told me I have to take Corporate Communications and Human Resource Management (which I believe I will get credit for, so its not really that bad:animwink:). For my love of Disney I would have love to take one class of each and...
  8. MacDuffieMuppet

    What book would you like to see disney make into a movie?

    I would love to see the Disney Girl series by Gabrielle Charbonnet. I have all the books at home and love all 12 books. They were fabulous. Oh i wish i could read them right now. lol. I also think that the Last Lecture would be a really great, but sad movie. I cried reading that book and had...
  9. MacDuffieMuppet

    Spring 09 CP Roll Call

    I am in!!! Spring '09 Attractions. I will be there Jan 5th!!!! I am sooo happy right now!
  10. MacDuffieMuppet

    Spring 09 CP Roll Call

    Congrats!!! I am still waiting... Its been one week since my interview so i know i still have some more time to wait. :( Hopefully I will be joining you!
  11. MacDuffieMuppet

    College Program Placement

    hmm. Once again everyone here is so helpful. Thanks for sharing your stories. I will just have to wait until i get my letter. If I do go accepted I should be happy, since i have been waiting for ever to do the program and there are others who probably have not been accepted and would do...
  12. MacDuffieMuppet

    College Program Placement

    Ok. It just made me a little worried. I have wanted to do the program since I was little and the recruiter was heavily suggesting it. Thanks for the input. :)
  13. MacDuffieMuppet

    College Program Placement

    I had my interview for the spring 09 CP wednesday and I think it went really well, but there was one part that worried me. I told her that my top three choices were 1.)Attractions 2.)Recreation 3.) Transportation. I told her that I really wanted to be placed in a role that I could communicate...
  14. MacDuffieMuppet

    Surprise of her lifetime...

    Omg that is sooo romantic. I wish that whoever proposes for me is as romantic as that.
  15. MacDuffieMuppet

    Phone Interview in Two Days

    Hey! Good Luck with your interviews!!! Mine is in 8 days and I can not wait either. My first choice is attraction, second is recreation, and my third is transportation. I worked at a theme park this summer, so i hope it will be a similar type of interview. I am just very excited that this...
  16. MacDuffieMuppet

    Spring 09 CareerStart and College Program

    Spring 09 Cp hopeful!! yup! the cp!!!!!! Interview on the 1st of October sometime after the 2.30 presentation. I can't wait to interview. I think i might die (not literally) if I don't get in. I have waited all my life to work at Disney. I am hoping that my work at another amusement park this...
  17. MacDuffieMuppet

    age when first came to Disney park

    Went when i was still in the womb, then about 2 months maybe less.:sohappy: If only i had been born there... Then have been going ever since... Took my best friend for her first time when she was 17. I hope to be brining my bf for his first time this winter/spring if i get into the cp. :lol:
  18. MacDuffieMuppet

    Red Sox official makes "exploratory" visit to Disney sports complex

    If this happens that would be amazing!!! I love the sox and i love disney. What more could i ask for?? (ok i could ask for alot) Go SOX!!!
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