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  1. Did Knee

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I'm not sure I agree with your locales in your attachments. I'm still leaning toward my post earlier comparing the artwork and a shot I did in google earth. This location seems more reasonable to me.
  2. Did Knee

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I liked what you did, but thought that I could get the same angle using Google earth as the artwork. Here is my attempt. Am I correct in thinking that this is the angle represented in the artwork?
  3. Star Wars Land Compare

    Star Wars Land Compare

  4. Various stuff

    Various stuff

    Stuff I want to post
  5. Did Knee

    Disney in Google Earth?

    Bumping this thread to update interested parties and perhaps get some advice. Google Earth's 3D rendering scheme they use most everywhere else seems to work in WDW. It takes forever to load (my connection is slow, 1.2mb DSL way out in the sticks). Once it does, it looks good from a distance...
  6. Did Knee

    Who decides what goes into Innoventions?

    I'm still trying to figure out who "theoretically" the best point of contact would be. I really didn't want to create a thread to debate the current state of Innoventions. I'd rather take a shot at kicking it up a notch. Any suggestions of who at TDO I should lobby?
  7. Did Knee

    Who decides what goes into Innoventions?

    I was wondering what the process is and who specifically suggests presenters and who makes the approvals. My interest is not entirely in passing. I have it on good authority that the SpaceX company would seriously consider providing a display for Innoventions if asked, but that they won't make...
  8. Did Knee

    Incident at the Contemporary

    Why the assumption that they would have to jump outside the building? A swan dive into the grand canyon concourse would be equally effective.
  9. Did Knee

    No Google Earth Street View In WDW Parks?

    I just looked at WDW in 3d for the first time in weeks. Last time I looked only the Swan and Dolphin and a horrible representation of SSE remained in 3d. Today Innoventions east, and all the buildings around SSE and the front gates were all back in 3d and looking good. Anyone have any scoop...
  10. Did Knee

    Great Disney Quest article

    I havent been to the world in a couple of years now. I always went to DQ because we always get the "waterparks & more" option. I love the pirates thing, its always a hoot to do with a group of family or friends as is Astro Blaster. I can get into the classic arcade stuff as well. That said...
  11. Did Knee

    Mine Ride Construction Update

    I was looking at the new pics that just got posted. I get that the aqua looking stuff they are putting down will have grass on it. but what exactly is that stuff? Will the grass be real. or some kind of disnified astro turf? What about the trees they have put in? Are they real or artificial...
  12. Did Knee

    News and observations from the past month

    Food for thought. Thank you for that. It IS interesting that you would never see ANYTHING like Pepe Le Pew in today's children's animation. We think of ourselves as liberated and enlightened, but how much of that perception is actually a mask for an intolerance of non-politically correct...
  13. Did Knee

    Star Wars Episode VII Movie and Disney Park Expansion Plans Intertwined?

    Hey, if she can run MI6 she can run a death star!!
  14. Did Knee

    Disney Springs tenant watch

    Ryan, did you mean "why they aren't using internally staffed and stocked stores?" If that's your question, my answer would be that Disney has been on an outsourcing jag for a while. Externally owned and run food and drink providers (think Starbucks), and retailers are very attractive due to...
  15. Did Knee

    AVATAR land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    I think the real argument here is financial. I'm willing to bet that ticket and DVD sales of Oz and Wonderland combined are only a fraction of what Avatar sold. Money talks.
  16. Did Knee

    Lord of the Rings and more coming to DHS?

    Yeah...Sauron's eye bathrooms would be creepy......
  17. Did Knee

    Lord of the Rings and more coming to DHS?

    I can't wait to ride the "Mines of Moria / Balrog encounter" featuring the "Disco Balrog!" :D
  18. Did Knee

    Club Cool Closing? (FALSE RUMOR)

    I wouldn't mind Ghirardelli, but I've been trying to get my brother to WDW for years and one thing I always wanted to do was trick him into a big gulp of Beverly. I guess I may not ever get a chance to do that....sigh....
  19. Did Knee

    Lord of the Rings and more coming to DHS?

    I think it would depend how it was done. It would be entertaining to JUST do cameos, short homages where the characters dip in and out of scenes without being an integral part of the story. Just tipping the hat to them, that way would be fun. That's all I'm saying.
  20. Did Knee

    News and observations from the past month

    Great report! Scary, but great. Thank you.
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