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  1. alanbrai

    Your First Day When you Arrive at your Resort!

    I usually arrive at the resort around 11am then it is off to MK to get a hot dog at Casey's.
  2. alanbrai

    What would your choice be?

    i would definatly go for 3 weeks in a moderate better yet 4 weeks at a value
  3. alanbrai

    WDW with a very large budget, what to do??

    If I had a very large budget I would not only honeymoon in WDW but I would get married there as well with all the fixings.
  4. alanbrai

    3 must do's at the park

    I agree whole heartily:sohappy:
  5. alanbrai

    How Many Days for You... (Part 6)

    6 days only 2 of them working :sohappy: staying at Pop for 7 night
  6. alanbrai

    Your Dream Resort???

    This would be the order of the resorts that I would most like to stay at 1st Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort 2nd Bay Lake Tower at Disneys Contemporary Resort 3rd Disneys BoardWalk Inn 4th The Villas at Disneys Wilderness Lodge 5th Disneys Art of Animation Resort 6th Disneys Beach...
  7. alanbrai

    How Many Days for You... (Part 6)

    Still have 121days to wait
  8. alanbrai

    How Many Days for You... (Part 6)

    Just booked a trip 122 days:sohappy:
  9. alanbrai

    Things you never usually get the chance to do.

    I have always stayed on property so I have never had to park in a lot. The last couple of time there i have said , before I left, that i would like to take a trip around the MK parking lot on the parking lot trams.
  10. alanbrai

    Transportation Question

    Thanks for the info. I have never driven in WDW so this is nice to know.
  11. alanbrai

    Transportation Question

    if they have a reservation for dinner couldn't they park at WL thengo to MK via the ferry then back to WL for dinner then back to POP?
  12. alanbrai

    Have Deluxe Accommodations Spoiled Future Visits

    I have stayed in the contemporary resort three time and Wilderness Lodge once thenstayed at Pop Century twice because I fell in love with the theme when I visited there on one of my deluxe stays. I do not miss any part of a deluxe resort as a matter of fact I do not plan on staying at one again...
  13. alanbrai

    How long is too long?

    Spent 14 day in WDW only and still wish I could stay longer
  14. alanbrai

    Rank the resorts you've stayed at

    1. Wilderness Lodge - great theming, lovely grounds, nice price for a deluxe. 2. Pop Century - nice theming, ok grounds, has a great feeling of being at WDW (can not figure out how but it doea to me) 3. any of the other resorts I have not stayed at yet 4. Contemporary - when i stayed there...
  15. alanbrai

    Dilemma - Need Advice

    Very Good choice in my opinion
  16. alanbrai

    pop century room suggestion

    last summer i stayed in the 70's 2 door down from the Mickey Phone on the third floor. Was very guiet, except for my neighbors kept come thru the connecting room door (my brother and his Girl Friend at the time). The walks to the food court area, bus stops and even Hippy Dippy Pool were all...
  17. alanbrai

    Booking a 'Hotel Hopping' trip - possible?

    The idea of "Hotel Hopping" sounds great, will get to experience more of WDW on one trip. I though would not do it, have to spend time packing, checking out and then checking in when you could be at the parks or even the resorts pool relaxing. I really do not think it is such a good idea if you...
  18. alanbrai

    Dilemma - Need Advice

    NO I do not think there is anything that would get me away from WDW
  19. alanbrai

    Request at Contemporary Resort

    There was 8 of us going to WDW and all staying at the contemp - booked it a year and a couple months prior - I asked for 3 rooms all together and gave the travel agent a list of 10 different room numbers that i wanted (which were all on the eleventh floor over Chef Mickey's) and I got what i...
  20. alanbrai

    Magic Kingdom 2010 Guide map

    thank you all for your help
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