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  1. gamedude

    Hurricane Irma

    My friend is doing the college program there. She said, They have moved some college kids to the dining rooms. They also have buckets lined up as the roof is leaking pretty bad.
  2. gamedude

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    Ok just wasn't sure if tomorrow speedway was getting replaced at the time
  3. gamedude

    Sometimes a lurker..sometimes a poster

    Sometimes a lurker..sometimes a poster
  4. gamedude

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    Would this be potential location?
  5. gamedude

    News Club 33 coming to Walt Disney World this Fall

    This is the response I got emailing them about it. "Thank you for your interest in Club 33 coming soon to the Walt Disney World® Resort. We?re busy finalizing plans on this exciting new opportunity, and look forward to sharing more information later this year."
  6. gamedude - Incredible Promo for Movie.

    This site is dedicated to the upcoming Disney Movie, Monsters University. This website is fully loaded with information you would find on any college website. Check it out!!
  7. gamedude

    Characters in Flight Closed?

    I actually loved going up on the flight with my dad. It gave a cool persepctive from the sky on a clear day. I hope it isn't gone forever.
  8. gamedude

    Fantasyland Expansion Photos -over the wall- 4/15/12

    Great shots scuttles! Thanks as always! It really looks like the mine ride is progressing.
  9. gamedude

    New Hidden Mickeys in FLE?

    So I was just wondering, has anyone found new hidden mickeys in the Fantasyland Expansion? I would like to see some!
  10. gamedude

    New Trees Planted in Town Square

    If these are your personal photos, they are absolutely wonderful!
  11. gamedude

    ruins of old disney rides

    If I am not mistaken isn't that hotel they are currently building, the Art of Animation Resort the forgotten building.
  12. gamedude

    Disney files paperwork with Orange Country in the past week. - Construction News

    According to Mouseplanet, Disney filed various paperwork with Orange Country about construction taking place in the parks. Is there any confirmations with the following list: Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle breakroom and restroom - Construction Splash Mountain - Construction Space...
  13. gamedude

    New Trees Planted in Town Square

    Hopefully they stay and aren't for some commercial. Magic Kingdom needs the trees back.
  14. gamedude

    New Sign installed at new Art of Animation Resort

    New Sign installed at new Art of Animation Resort - Photo - The new giant sign was installed at the Art of Animation Resort. The sign really does look wonderful. Credit to Walt Disney World for photo Source
  15. gamedude

    PHOTOS - Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney beginning extensive refurbishment

    The images were definitely not taken with an iPhone app. If you would like to see the original post please see
  16. gamedude

    PHOTOS - Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney beginning extensive refurbishment

    Rainforest Cafe - New Concept Art photos! The Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney recently posted some new concept art photos for the refurbishment of the cafe. Some particulars in the construction include; Realistic volcano with some realistic lava, new water features along with a new bar...
  17. gamedude

    1/12 Dumbo De-Construction

    Great pictures. The kingdom is surrounded by walls and tarps now..:cry:
  18. gamedude

    New disney update and others

    I think the biggest increase in crowds will be when Avatar Land opens up in Animal Kingdom. A billion dollar movie is sure to bring in more crowds:sohappy:
  19. gamedude

    1960's Disney Vinyl Records Value?

    Recently I was digging through my grandmothers closet looking for some "hidden treasures" and I came across various Disney Records from the 1960s. My grandma totally forgot she even had these and even has 2 of one record. We would like to know if the following are of any value. Thanks! We...
  20. gamedude

    World Trade Center Rebuilding - Photos

    No Problem!! It is still eerie to go down there, There is a lot of life again but its still a weird feeling.
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