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  1. Ilovewishes

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    I’m a Brit currently living in Germany due to fly to WDW in 48 days for a trip that has been booked for 2 years. Needless to say this is causing me major stress as I’ve no idea if I’m better off sitting tight and seeing what happens or biting the bullet and rescheduling.
  2. Ilovewishes

    Fantasmic might be cancelled tonight

    We set off towards DHS, got caught in the massive tailback & headed to EPCOT instead. We only wanted to watch Fantasmic on our last evening here but I'm glad we didn't bother - it sounds like madness!
  3. Ilovewishes

    Wilderness Lodge thoughts...

    We've usually stay in value and moderate resorts but we splashed out on WL for our honeymoon and it was soo worth it! It is by far my favourite resort so far! It was small enough that the buses and boats were not crowded (we went in March) but big enough to give you the feel of....well the...
  4. Ilovewishes

    Flower & Garden Festival question

    DH and I were at WDW for the opening of the Flower & Garden Festival and I fell in love with the painted bird houses that were for sale on the various stands. I could kick myself now for not buying one when I had the chance! Does anyone know if you can get them outside of WDW? Any help would...
  5. Ilovewishes

    One Wish from Disney.

    I would want my very own Magic Carpet. I always wanted one. Actually, I wanted that one. I still do. I know we have the Magic Carpet ride and that (awful!) simulator thingy in DisneyQuest but I would pay good money to have a go on a real magic carpet. The closest I've got is the Whole New...
  6. Ilovewishes

    Harry Potter mistake? ood for Disney?

    I'm not a massive Potter fan and I'm not a massive IOA or US fan either. I am not enamoured with Hogsmeade, I think the Three Broomsticks was a severe disappointment and I refuse to brave the 2 hour queue for Ollivanders Wand thingy. I think its silly that you can only see things like Hagrid's...
  7. Ilovewishes

    Where in Disney World are you??

    I would love to be sat waiting for MSEP (although I would really prefer Spectro!) with a frozen lemonade in one hand and a big piece of caramel fudge in the other, just waiting for the sugar rush to kick in! Or sat waiting for Fantasmic. Especially as it got rained off on our last trip!:brick:
  8. Ilovewishes

    Best Day you ever Had at Disney?

    My first trip back to MK as an adult with all my family including 3 newbies - my DH, my sister's DH and my dad. All 3 were Disney cynics and by the end of the day, they were Disney addicts! It didn't get off to the best start, I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't exactly as I remembered...
  9. Ilovewishes

    Bring your dog to Magic Kingdom day?

    I am very much a dog person and my dog is my fur-baby but I would never take her to WDW with me. Sure, if the opporunity arose, I would love pictures of her in front of the castle but Disney is my holiday. The only time I don't have to walk her or hurry back to her cos she has been left too...
  10. Ilovewishes

    Planning October trip need some advice?

    We always go for two weeks at the beginning of October (so you would be there for our second week...) We love it at that time because generally, the crowds are a lot lower, it's warm without being unbearably hot and of course, you have the Halloween decorations and parties. However, the...
  11. Ilovewishes

    The One Resort That Will Always hold That SPECIAL spot in Your Heart! YOUR FAVORITE R

    The Wilderness Lodge will always be my favourite. It's beautiful to look at (just my cup of tea!) and it is the only Deluxe we have ever stayed at! But the main reason(s) is that DH booked it as a surprise honeymoon for us and it was the first Disney hotel we ever stayed in. I just loved...
  12. Ilovewishes

    Disney's Battle Of The Jack's

    Another Jack Sparrow vote here! It is Johnny Depp, afterall! Besides, I never took to Nightmare before Christmas. Just not my thing.
  13. Ilovewishes

    Once Upon a Time - TV Series

    I saw this advertised when we were at WDW at the beginning of October but as we live in the UK, we haven't got it yet! Does anyone have any idea if or when it is coming across the pond? I really want to see it!
  14. Ilovewishes

    Animal Kingdom half Day Park? Disagree

    AK will always be a full day park for us and even then, we leave feeling as though we haven't seen everything! We were there in October and did the Safari twice. I would quite happily have taken the rangers keys from the truck and sat and watched the baby elephant run back and forth all...
  15. Ilovewishes

    Food & Wine - Disney does not want our money?

    We were there the week that F&WF started and whilst we enjoy the different atmosphere (for the most part, people are just more "jolly" than normal!) we have seen people who are quite clearly intoxicated and, worse, in charge of small children. DH and I did talk about whether or not there...
  16. Ilovewishes

    Which Attraction Would You Want Free Roam In?

    I've seen Harry Potter with the lights on. It broke down whilst we were on it a few weeks back and I got a good 10mins to have a nosey at what I could see (from my tipped-backwards-and-slightly-to-the-side position - not at all comfy on those benches!:() The set isn't all that spectacular...
  17. Ilovewishes

    September 2011 Roll Call......

    I fly 2 weeks today! This time in 14 days, I'll be in the air! My sister, her DH and son, Harry (18mths) flew out yesterday for Harry's first trip. I'm not at all jealous :lookaroun He's a Buzz freak (it was his first word - I'm so proud!) so I'd love to see his face when he meets him!
  18. Ilovewishes

    Friends/Coworkers etc.. Reactions to Disney Wedding/Honeymoon

    DH and I are planning to renew our vows at Disney one day and rather than giving our friends chance to respond negatively, I put it to them as "this is my clever ploy to FINALLY get you to Disney World" with a wicked little smile. Gets them every time!:goodnevil
  19. Ilovewishes

    Where do Disneyphiles work?

    Legal Administrative Assistant (i.e. secretary) but I am in training to become a teacher!
  20. Ilovewishes

    United Kingdom at Epcot to Celebrate the Royal Wedding...

    You forgot the most important reason of all - we've been given a day off work to celebrate! People seem to have a real downer on this wedding and I just can't understand why. Wills is out future king :king: and - more than that - he is a genuinely lovely guy and I wish him and Kate all the...
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