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  1. kitten2299

    A Pirates League Question

    The costume my daughter got the empress pirate was great quailty and not scratchy at all she wore it all day and didnt want to take it off when it was time to go to bed. But if price is a huge problem just make the costume and bring it with you for him to wear as a surprise and I am sure he will...
  2. kitten2299

    Pirates Leauge 50% Discount

    I hope it doesnt go anywhere my daughter had a great time when she had this done in Oct and so did I!
  3. kitten2299

    Back, Engaged, Cooled Down, Ready To Go Back Trip Report!

    Congrats!!!! We were there 9/28-10/8 and we could not believe the heat!!! It kinda ruined the trip for us since the heat was making DD miserable which made both of us pretty cranky too. I think next trips will be in Nov for the Christmas stuff even though I loved the Halloween Party! All of...
  4. kitten2299

    So, she said yes!

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! All your hard work and planning paid off that is a story you guys will be telling your grandkids about!
  5. kitten2299

    Single Mom w\ 2 under 4 and room security

    I second the child proof doorcovers but I remember when we stayed in 2007 the chain they had was high on the door so maybe he wont beable to reach it. I am very sorry about your sudden split and I think its great that you are still going to take your boys. Have a great bonding trip!!!!!
  6. kitten2299

    MNSSHP pins

    does anyone know if all the halloween pins that are shown on the pin trading website are available every night of the halloween party or is it like the MVMCP pins where only 2 were available each party. Just want to know how much to budget for my pin spending :lookaroun its very addicting. I'm...
  7. kitten2299

    Mickey's Not So Scary Reviews

    Couple of questions are you able to meet Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and Donald in their costumes for pics and autographs? Where are you able to find them. Does anyone have pics or can describe what the special merchandise that they sell during the party is? Are there any tips you can give a first...
  8. kitten2299

    WOOHOO Magical Express Packet came today!!

    YAYYYYY!!!!!!! Got my Magical Express stuff in the mail today!!! 39 days to go baby!!! Also my DisneyStore order came today too!!! This I hope is the start to a great weekend and I have Monday off from work!!!! :king:
  9. kitten2299

    MNSSHP- Costume and Attending Date?

    YAY!!!!! I just ordered my costume it says should be avail Aug 28 so I will get it in enough time for when we leave Sept 29 I will be Poison Ivy!!!! See you Oct 1!!!!!!
  10. kitten2299

    Character dining and the kids that never grew up

    As soon as you are at Disney everyone turns into a kid so enjoy!!! Character meals are the best just let your inner child out and hug all the characters!!!!
  11. kitten2299

    MNSSHP- Costume and Attending Date?

    I'll be there Oct 1st!!!! DD is going to be a 1920's flapper (shes going to wear her jazz costume) and I'm still up in the air I want to be Poison Ivy but I dont know if the costume will come in on time so I might be a gangster to go along with DD costume.
  12. kitten2299

    Restaurant Marakesh

    I was wondering the same thing and I called to ask and was told that everything on the menu besides appitizers are included. I will call back to ask since I will be quite upset if I have and extra charge on my bill that I am not expecting.
  13. kitten2299

    Change to Donald's Safari Breakfast

    that doesnt bother me that hes outside for the pic since I normaly buy them anyhow but I wonder how come he doesnt give an autograph?
  14. kitten2299

    Hand Soap

    foaming is easier for DD to use, dont ask why I dont know. I really dont care as long as there is soap!
  15. kitten2299

    How many days 'til you do your online check-in???

    39 days till I can on line check in!!!!!
  16. kitten2299

    Merchandise card

    :lol: sounds good DTD here we come Main St is safe for now! :ROFLOL: :wave:
  17. kitten2299

    Merchandise card

    Thank you for that tip I will ask about experation date! I know I will get some flack too :lookaroun but what one doesnt know wont hurt him :ROFLOL: I have been putting away spending money for a while. I am hoping to get an email too 54 days till I am home again!!!!
  18. kitten2299

    No new fairies

    DD really wants to meet Vidia she wants to tell her to start being nice Tink :ROFLOL:. I do wish they had more Villians out they need love too!
  19. kitten2299

    Merchandise card

    I am going for the $1000 I am a girl who loves to shop!!! Plus we do have a big family trip planed for 2010 so if there is any left over I will have some spending money for that trip!!!! I called disney to ask about it and they did say at this time you need a pin but they had very little info...
  20. kitten2299

    Merchandise card

    Bump Anyone know anything about this??
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