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  1. wdwfan100

    Best place to get a drink in Disney Springs

    I would also suggest the dock bar at The Boathouse. We stop in there every chance we get.
  2. wdwfan100

    Epcot Freestanding Snack Carts Selling Miller Lite and Coors Lite Instead of Bud Light.

    I find it extremely interesting to follow these discussions. I agree with Jakeman. People have different tastes. The American lager and American light lager Are legitimate categories of beer. Bud light sells a crap load of beer, so someone likes the style. Regardless of preference it is...
  3. wdwfan100

    4 Walt Disney World Resorts to accept dogs

    I love dogs and think this is a bad idea. They are handing out pee pads for a reason. I see most dog owners that give a command to their dog and it couldn’t care less. Why, because it is their child and it is spoiled. It can do no wrong in their eyes. Mousekeeping is already taking short cuts...
  4. wdwfan100

    Magic Kingdom to test earlier closing on Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party event nights

    I took the time to check park hours for the party nights. They state that the park closing is in fact 6:00pm. Since that is the case than I would agree that people have the necessary information to make a decision on whether or not to go to the Magic Kingdom on party days. Had the posted hours...
  5. wdwfan100

    Magic Kingdom to test earlier closing on Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party event nights

    Interesting take. I assume you take the term "half day" literally to try in invalidate the point that the park is closing much earlier than it normally would. Just to clarify. My issue is not with Disney choosing to have an upcharge event in the evenings. My issue is the denial of acces for...
  6. wdwfan100

    Magic Kingdom to test earlier closing on Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party event nights

    I understand crowd control being an issue, but people paid for admission to a park that closed at 7:00pm. Getting in a line at 6:59pm shouldn't be an issue. Disney is giving preferential treatment to the upcharge event at the expense of the day guest. My access to park activities and...
  7. wdwfan100

    Mission:Space update (confirmed)

    Sadly, "balance" seems to be a lost concept these days.
  8. wdwfan100

    Beach club or wilderness lodge?

    You can't go wrong with either choice, but the Beach Club will give you more entertainment and dining option. Plus the pool isn't too shabby.
  9. wdwfan100

    How Many DVC Resorts Have You Stayed At?

    Here is our list: VB SSR OKW AKL (Kidani) BWV BCV VWL BLT PVB While making out the list I was surprised to see how many we had stayed in since joining in 2009. The pace will be dropping off considerably. We have had some poor experiences as of late and the prices are getting to be...
  10. wdwfan100

    Copper Creek Villas Point Totals Per Night

    Thank you for posting this. Good information!
  11. wdwfan100

    Disney Vacation Club Moonlight Magic after-hours events continue throughout 2017

    I assume the cost of these events are covered with a portion of our dues. Is this correct? If so, it seems as if everyone is paying for a perk that only a small few get to enjoy. Based on that I too would be more in favor of a more sustainable perk.
  12. wdwfan100

    Boardwalk. This was once our favorite.

    So Disney is cutting lobby decor to control costs to DVC owners at the expense of regular guests that stay at the Boardwalk Inn for $500+/night? Seems like they are getting a raw deal. How do they calculate what percentage of lobby decor is attributed to DVC costs? It's the perfect excuse for...
  13. wdwfan100

    Annual Passholder/ Ticket Changes 2016

    Went back into the app around 2pm and the 20%discount was applied.
  14. wdwfan100

    Annual Passholder/ Ticket Changes 2016

    I was just on Disney's Shop Parks app. There is only a 10% discount being associated there.
  15. wdwfan100

    Giving it up to the Refurb at the BCV's

    Glad you had a great stay. We are going with a large group after thanksgiving. We are very anxious to see the new rooms. I think their A/C policy is ridiculous bordering on pathetic.
  16. wdwfan100

    BOG Lunch?

    Now that is a creative solution. Thank you for the suggestion.
  17. wdwfan100

    BOG Lunch?

    I don't disagree. I am taking a large group of people in December, some that have never been, and one of the parties was interested in seeing the decor but not eat there. It seems like it was allowed when it first opened. I will relays the information.
  18. wdwfan100

    BOG Lunch?

    Are you able to just go and see the restaurant if you aren't eating there? I haven't been since lunch reservations became a thing.
  19. wdwfan100

    BCV refurb starting March 2015

    Me too. It has been a long time coming. It looks like they are moving at a steady pace too.
  20. wdwfan100

    BCV refurb starting March 2015

    Pics of the refurbed rooms
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