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  1. dove_

    Seasonal Roles

    If you're seasonal, you do need to give 8-12 weeks of full availability for training. After that, you're free to work whenever you want, as long as you work one shift every 6 months and 40hrs a year. You will not be automatically scheduled. If you want to be scheduled by labor, you have to...
  2. dove_

    Someone needs to explain the college program

    The College Program is also a way for many students to get out of the normality of home/college life and truly live on their own for a while. It's also a pretty safe place for them to learn exactly how to live on their own. The big to-do is really that these are kids who have wanted to...
  3. dove_

    Kilimanjaro Safaris Construction?

    For the record, that's an Animal Programs (Ground Warden) truck. Most of them have the Harambe Wildlife Reserve logo on the side and mud all over them. They need to be out there to observe the animals and for feeding. This must have been a new truck (they get way more wear and tear than most...
  4. dove_

    Kilimanjaro Safaris Construction?

    First off, thanks for the link, I must have been searching for the wrong thing. No one I know (including me) is thrilled about these structures going up. From our point of view (the ones who really care, at least), it's hard enough to keep up the illusion that you're in Africa on a safari...
  5. dove_

    Kilimanjaro Safaris Construction?

    Does anyone have any photos of the construction going on at Kilimanjaro Safaris? From what I hear, it's pretty intense and everywhere, but I haven't been able to find ANY pictures online. Is this just a case of driver's mouths running away with themselves?
  6. dove_


    I've not heard anything from my managers or friends about Australia. It's not on the Disney website. Last I saw, that area they are talking about is pretty much a parking lot and an empty field. I don't think Disney has the money to do something like that when fantasyland isn't NEAR finished.
  7. dove_

    Disney Fun Fact - utilidors

    I want to say that another reason there's not more utilidors for the other parks has something to do with building on swampland, and restrictions they have now, vs. what they didn't have in 71. It does bother me that some DAK CMs have to walk through the oasis to get to their locations, and the...
  8. dove_

    Animal Kindoms Dinosaur Ride

    Shhh!! Don't tell everyone that, then they'll all leave the everest line and come over to dinoland!
  9. dove_

    Some Disney workers are full of lies

    Lots of people miss the yeti because it is only strobe lights and only for a second. The lights may not be on for certain trains for any number of reasons. CMs do their best to know what's going on, but sometimes maintenance may be working, and it's impossible (and impractical) to inform...
  10. dove_

    Disney Night Kingdom

    Really, you can see most of the area of safaris from the truck, minus the actual barns. The 'whole other savannah' is indeed large, but probably not what you would need for night kingdom. The zebras are kept there now, you can occasionally see them right after the tiliting bridge.
  11. dove_

    What was it like during AK's opening?

    It was a similar clip, just an iguanadon that wasn't aladar (less quality, etc). I always notice how it is different now than what it used to be. They still do. It looks really dramatic in that picture, but it's not (angle and the fact that flamingo island has way higher water than it does...
  12. dove_

    Animal Kingdom Entrance

    Did you hear Joe Rhody didn't want any maps printed of DAK so that guests would have to explore their way around?
  13. dove_

    Adventurers Club Actors/Actresses

    I believe one of them is working in Studios as one of the citizens. One of the plumbers, I think?
  14. dove_

    Currently at WDW...Whyyyyy????

    I don't know, I imagine for families that can't afford to make it DURING usual xmas time, this is kind of nice.. to still see the decorations, even if it is a little late. Just chilllllll
  15. dove_

    The agony of waiting!!

    it was just over 6 weeks for me! i was pretty sure i nailed the interview (worked at an amusement park all summer), and the waiting was unbearable!
  16. dove_

    Calling all former attractions CMs/CPs

    I am! And I'm working attractions, too. I asked for AK, so hopefully I'll get that.
  17. dove_

    CP living off site?

    Is it cheaper to live off-site? And how do you look into that?
  18. dove_

    Questions about the CP and my chances of getting it...

    I can't really answer your questions about the CP (I'm applying this coming fall for Spring '10), but I will say that if you are worried about not having had a job beforehand, just work in the cafeteria at your school or something. Even the most menial job will give you an advantage and help you...
  19. dove_

    Spring '10 CP!

    I'm applying!!! I just went to the campus presentation for the fall program yesterday, haha. I'm probably applying as soon as the applications go up. I need to know ASAP so I can get someone to take over my housing lease here at school (The one thing that's really stressing me about this)...
  20. dove_

    will economy affect christmas crowds?

    I imagine that since most of the trips were paid for a while ago, there won't be much impact yet on attendance. People might be a little tighter with spending money, which to me means more lines for rides and quick service, though.
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