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  1. tiggerzgirl83

    Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party ticket now on sale

    We will be Disneymooning Oct 27- Nov 3 and I got Halloween party tix for the 31st. It's my first time going to this party and I can't wait! I thought it was very pricey but its my honeymoon and I wanna make the best of it :)
  2. tiggerzgirl83

    Not Sure about Pop Century?

    POP is my home away from home!! Love it there!
  3. tiggerzgirl83

    How many days for you - part 8

    239 days till my DISNEYMOON!!!!
  4. tiggerzgirl83

    Need some advice

    Thanks for that heads up :)
  5. tiggerzgirl83

    Need some advice

    My honeymoon is Oct 27-Nov 3. I'm calling my ressies in at the exact 180 day mark first thing in the morning. I hope I get in there :)
  6. tiggerzgirl83

    Need some advice

    Has anyone eaten dinner at Be our Guest yet? If so, how was it? I was thinking about eating there on my honeymoon. So far I chose: Cape May Cafe, Ohanas dinner, Chef Mickey breakfast, Whispering Canon Cafe dinner, TRex, and Tellan Edo. :)
  7. tiggerzgirl83

    What would be your WDW nightmare?

    Getting puked on while on a ride
  8. tiggerzgirl83

    Did you get to do a Segway tour?

    I was looking forward to doing this tour on my Disneymoon this October and heard its been cancelled. My mom and stepdad did it last October and absolutely loved it. We are all alil disappointed :(
  9. tiggerzgirl83

    Hi Jenn! Lol

    Hi Jenn! Lol
  10. tiggerzgirl83

    I may have crossed the line...Oops

    Ima Disney fanatic and proud of it! Everyone who knows me already knows. Every little thing reminds me of Disney. I remember driving and I smelled burning wood and I said hey that smells like spaceship earths Rome scene. Saturday I was sitting in church and before they started service they had...
  11. tiggerzgirl83

    What item do you get on every trip to bring home?

    A new hoody, ornament, and chocolate covered peanuts!
  12. tiggerzgirl83

    Anyone use the honeymoon registry?

    I'm in the same boat. I booked my Disneymoon for this October thru Liberty Travel and they made nice cards with our names on them for our honeymoon registry. Great idea to me especially if u already own a home and have all ur house supplies. :)
  13. tiggerzgirl83

    are honeymoon buttons a thing of the past?

    My sister just went last September and picked my up the Happily Ever After pins for my Disney honeymoon this October! She got them at the hotel during check in at the desk. We are getting married Oct. 26th and leaving for our Disneymoon the next morning. :)
  14. tiggerzgirl83

    Are you a WDW Honeymooner????

    We will be! I get married October 26th this year and leave for our Disneymoon the very next morning!! We are soooooo excited!!! WDW has been my home away from home since 1992!
  15. tiggerzgirl83

    Great Movie Ride. Change it or Leave it?

    Could use a little updating but I would say leave it, it's a classic <3
  16. tiggerzgirl83

    Epcot Canceling Segway Tours?

    I know I YouTubed it and saw a video from 2007 and didn't look as fun at all.
  17. tiggerzgirl83

    Epcot Canceling Segway Tours?

    I called Disney about this earlier and the lady told me that yes Fort Wilderness does still do them. Doesn't look as fun so ill pass.
  18. tiggerzgirl83

    October Park Hours

    Ill be there late October for my honeymoon! Can't wait :)
  19. tiggerzgirl83

    How Many Days for You... (Part 7)

    254 more days and I will be DISNEYMOONING!!!!
  20. tiggerzgirl83

    Epcot Canceling Segway Tours?

    I just called Disney about this tour because my fiancé and I were really looking forward to it on our honeymoon this October and I noticed it wasn't showing online anymore. So I called and they said they no longer have it. So disappointed :(
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