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  1. Djsfantasi

    Sightlines are being destroyed everywhere

    As you enter TSL, there is a giant footprint of Andy’s sneaker. Hmm, where are there footprints of Andy’s sneaker? Maybe a schoolyard? Or perhaps his backyard. The lights, benches, a play ball, a container of Lincoln logs, instructions for a toy roller coaster… so obviously it’s not a...
  2. Djsfantasi

    Country Bears Vacation Hoedown

    LOL, I have written similar software (& trademarked the language name), Any given show is different each and every time a guest experienced it. If I can do it, I’d expect Disney could do it better.
  3. Djsfantasi

    Another things wrong post

    I took my gf in 2021 for 12 days. It was a wonderful trip. Then, FP and ME were cut. Genie+ was new. And we went for 6 days in 2022. What a disaster. I didn’t know you had to get up at 6:55 to get reservations. We both aren’t morning people. We got up and out at 8am in 2021. The rides we were...
  4. Djsfantasi

    Country Bears Vacation Hoedown

    So why not only use the audio for an overlay only a few times per day? After all, they are audio-animatronics… With modern control systems, the movements should be triggered by the soundtrack. So an overlay needn’t require programming. And if a particular figure isn’t doing anything, Disney...
  5. Djsfantasi

    What Disney Ride Do Think Is Most Terrifying?

    Are you like 5’5” and 150 pounds? Because I’m 6’2” and 190 and I come up and off the Summit Plummet slide…
  6. Djsfantasi

    DLR D23 Discussion & News

    No, I accept it as part of life. No one ever said I have a RIGHT to things that I like. My problem is people who believe they have a RIGHT to their wants. If everyone else liked B, that makes A all the more precious.
  7. Djsfantasi

    Is it really that bad?

    You cant ignore the effects of Genie+. First, it’s sn additional $15/day/person. And, it’s better suited for a family with older children or young adults. If your children are early risers, at least one parent needs to tend to them. That leaves only one person available to snag reservations...
  8. Djsfantasi

    Flight of Passage Early Entry

    Plan on staying to park closing and hitting it late… And then it will not be a walk on.
  9. Djsfantasi

    Is it really that bad?

    For the past five years, I’ve always gone to WDW in January. It’s less crowded and I got to do everything I wanted. Until this year. January was as crowded as June. I ended up getting one ONE ride and one TS meal per park. With all costs consisted, I spent $500 a day for one ride. Genie+...
  10. Djsfantasi

    How different is a winter vacation?

    January is my favorite time to visit WDW. BUT you have to check the WDW calendar of events. There usually is only one week without an event and no crowds. Around the third week, if I remember right. If you miss, Marathon week is miserable. I did one trip. The buses to MK were rerouted to TTC...
  11. Djsfantasi

    Dangerous Levels of Heat Index for Orlando (July 18 - Aug 3, 2022)

    Once the temp goes above 70, I start sweating profusely and have to periodically change my clothes.
  12. Djsfantasi

    Dangerous Levels of Heat Index for Orlando (July 18 - Aug 3, 2022)

    Call ☎️ the front desk. When I was there, they sent someone to do it for me.
  13. Djsfantasi

    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    I don’t know what you consider”best”. I booked with Mears directly. They use the old Magical Express terminal. I also chose the Express service, which was better than ME as it went directly to my resort.
  14. Djsfantasi

    Help with planning my days and Park Hopper or NOT... :)

    I got PH my last trip. Genie+ threw a wrench into my plans. YMMV I found that Genie+ often offered me times beyond when I planned to hop to another park. So I had to wait to move. Similarly. I had to stay when I wanted to rest at our hotel because G+ gave me a late time for an attraction *. I...
  15. Djsfantasi

    What do you consider the best and worst expansion/new land added to WDW in the 2010's?

    Tie for Best! Pandora and GE both have incredible theming and execution. Both have one, single good attraction. And one meh: Navi and Smugglers Run (and SR’s interactive elements are a fail*) Tie for Worst! Toy Story and New Fantasyland. TS is too small for what’s there. If there’s even just...
  16. Djsfantasi

    Room request strategy for Old Key West

    The only time I did a room request was at AoA. The trip was booked by my Disney Authorized Agent. Not only did she get my request, when we checked in, the manager came over and gave us an upgrade! Out of the blue… they gave us a suite. It was myself and my girlfriend. My DAP is truly magical.
  17. Djsfantasi

    No more incentives left for staying at Disney Hotels.

    Genie+, no ME, no advance Fastpass and the slow deterioration of the parks and I’ve decided not to return to Disney. I used to travel by myself twice a year and recently took my girlfriend… The Flight of Passage queue has several places where the supporting chicken wire is visible - and has...
  18. Djsfantasi

    What Happens to WDW / Disney Parks during a massive correction / recession?

    To clarify, I didn’t take extended vacations. It was three - one week vacations. I had built a summer home on a lake and would go up there. Plus, I often worked from there half of my vacation.
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