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  1. smp2k6

    Hurricane Irma

    Anyone know who serves power at Flamingo Crossing's... intersection of Western Way and 429? Is it Duke or FPL? We have no power here at the new Marriott's. Just curious so I can monitor on their respective websites. Hope everyone in the area stayed safe and secure last night. I'm ok with no...
  2. smp2k6

    Hurricane Irma

    One more quick update before getting some rest. Can confirm power is definitely still up at WDW. Can see Epcot parking lot lights and now I can see the lights from the Contemporary in the distance (visibility has improved). Lights on 429 are still on. Still raining and it's windy with gusts.
  3. smp2k6

    Hurricane Irma

    Yes. Irma no longer has a fully formed eye (with high winds). So, the northern half of the eye that exists has passed us I believe. We're dealing with the lower winds of the southern half of the eye. Basically the northeast quadrant of Irma (which is usually the worst part of a hurricane) is...
  4. smp2k6

    Hurricane Irma

    Wind has died down a bit here in Flamingo Crossings. Can confirm it looks like WDW still has power. Can see EPCOT parking lot lights. Did see a few huge blue flashes in the direction of the Magic Kingdom on the other side of 429 (WDW property). Not lightning. A few minutes after those flashes...
  5. smp2k6

    Hurricane Irma

    Irma's core due to hit us here at Marriott in Flamingo Crossings at WDW in 10 minutes. Wind picking up big time right now. God keep us and everyone safe. Water in drains, toilet, tub being sucked down drain. We're on the top floor. Wind howling through the air vents and down the hallway very...
  6. smp2k6

    Hurricane Irma

    WDBO is getting me through this as well... they are doing a great job.
  7. smp2k6

    Hurricane Irma

    Anyone who is local and hasn't already, it's a good idea to download the following apps for local radio stations. News 96.5 has been great to listen too. They are giving all the details, staying positive but informative. Another app is for radio station 92.3. Also, a good app to have is OCL...
  8. smp2k6

    Hurricane Irma

    This site has the best daily video updates and forecast models available. I've learned more about hurricanes than I thought I ever would here. He gives the best overviews with none of the "breathless" reporting you hear on the weather channels. Speaking of which, why do weather reporters stand...
  9. smp2k6

    Hurricane Irma

    Not liking the new track either. Our hotel is 3 miles away from the orange/lake county line. Hoping for the best. Praying for everyone, including your Dad.
  10. smp2k6

    Hurricane Irma

    We're staying at one of the new Marriott's in Flamingo Crossings (near Western Way of WDW). Winds definitely picking up now. A little scary. Guests are relatively calm. Marriott has done a few things to help guests. Not nearly as above and beyond as CM at Disney resorts. But, I'm not expecting...
  11. smp2k6

    My (husband's) aching feet...

    I highly recommend using BodyGlide on his feet. I use it every trip and don't get blisters anymore. I have wide flat feet as well. After our first trip when I tore up my feet big time, I got a tip regarding BodyGlide. Use it religiously now. Also, I treat myself to brand new socks every trip as...
  12. smp2k6

    So, is Unleash the Villains still happening?

    Absolute chaos all around the Studios tonight. Traffic at a stand still. They had us drive through the entire parking lot and then out the exit with no indication that we should go to Epcot. Sat at the exit/intersection with Boardwalk for at least 30 mins with traffic moving nowhere. Traffic was...
  13. smp2k6

    Never Again!. Nope I Mean It.

    Yes... Boardwalk. We stayed there for our honeymoon (in addition to WL Villas and POP.. we were at WDW for 3 weeks). We went all out and stayed in one of the Garden Suite "cottages". It was a horrible choice. AC had major problems and the room smelled like mold really bad. They tried to move us...
  14. smp2k6

    The ice cave at T-Rex made me sick...

    We didn't get sick, but we didn't enjoy that room at all. Made our food look so unappealing.. I couldn't tell what I was eating. Well I guess that did sort of make me sick...
  15. smp2k6

    Top 5 Restaurants You'd NEVER do again....

    I have to say the quality of food (and service) has been on the decline for some time now. You can thank the DDP for that. As more people got on the plan, the food choices were reduced and overall the quality is much worse. I remember when Tony's was a great place to eat. Not anymore. We really...
  16. smp2k6

    Disney Photos Lost

    You'd be surprised how often this works. I've done it at least three times in the past. In all cases, we were able to recover files from a drive that was failing. It's definitely worth trying.
  17. smp2k6

    Walt Disney World "Tube" Map

    This is awesome! Thanks for the link.
  18. smp2k6

    The crazys are at Epcot today

    I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing :) He cracks me up in general. Love The Muppets.
  19. smp2k6

    Special Stuff

    Keys to the Kingdom tour at MK is excellent. Love going to the Boardwalk at night and watching the performers while eating outside. Also, absolutely love the boat ride between Wilderness Lodge and MK. It's a must-do every trip at least twice... once by day and once at night.
  20. smp2k6

    If you hate photos ... this is not the trip report for you

    Love the Trip Report and all the pictures!
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