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    Best memory with a CM

    Awww thanks Raven and surfsupdon! And hello to you Tom Morrow!! :) This is a really good topic to have out there! As a CM, we REALLY appreciate when guests let us know how they feel (mostly when its good of course :ROFLOL: )! So...thank you guys! :kiss: *edit* Raven...we need to get a...
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    Happy Birthday Merhearted!

    Happy Birthday Vince! I left you a message on MySpace! :) Hopefully we'll get to hang out sometime soon! *hugs*
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    So Um....

    way late, but congrats! :kiss:
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    least wanted ride to work in

    Hey now, Speedway's not ALL that bad! Besides the heat and the fumes, it's a fun place to work! :sohappy:
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    off kilter in epcot

    Haha, I haven't posted in a VERY long time. But this one made me giggle! Off Kilter is AWESOME! I haven't seen them in ages though :cry:
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    New backdrop at Fantasmic! today

    kontra, man, whats up!? long time no see! thanks for the news! i was there today, but didn't stay for fantasmic *tear*
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    The possiblity of a "cars" ride...

    Not gonna happen. Speedway is sponsored by the Indy Racing League...not Pixar
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    My First Report On The College Program!!!!!

    Yay! That's so exciting! Congrats on a good work location!
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    Anyone checking in March 27th??????

    Hurry up and get here! hahah
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    The One and Only MJ (Marjorie June, not the other MJ) Thread

    Hey Bonny! I saw you earlier! hehe. I went home and did some stuff then stopped by your place, but you were already gone :cry: I'm not sure if I have your right phone number either. Hope you had fun today! :wave: Give MJ hugs for me!!
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    Nicholas' Trip Report - The Photo Edition

    Awwww :kiss: hehe. Nick was an awesome Indy driver! :lookaroun *giggles* But yeah, the runaway stroller ride was AWESOME! Great update Nick. I can't wait till you come again! And Heather & I made a deal, I'd visit y'all in New York if you guys came back here! :sohappy:
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    Nicholas' Trip Report - The Photo Edition

    My favorite report EVER!! Mostly coz I'm in it! yay! hehe. It was great to meet you!! It was fun!! I can't wait till you come back to visit! YAY!:kiss:
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    Hey everyone I'm new

    BOBBY!!?!?!?!? On WDWMagic!?! HAHA! Whats goin on there buddy?! Today was an INSANE day! Speed-what!? You silly boy. *hugs to my Bobby* We should get AJ on here! HA
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    Autopia Turned into "Pixar" Cars

    Because I was bored... :lol: Dont' forget to let me know when you'll be here next!! Maybe we could watch "The Princess Bride" again! w00t! :)
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    Autopia Turned into "Pixar" Cars

    Wow, I just saw this! Thanks Josh! :lol: I smell beautiful after a hot day's shift, thank you! :hammer:
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    The One and Only MJ (Marjorie June, not the other MJ) Thread

    MommytoMJM- I enjoy reading your stories, and it makes me happy to know that WDW can bring such joy to guests :-) It was great to get to meet you guys, and hope to see you guys soon!! You are in my prayers everyday!
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    Happy Birthday, nicholas!!!

    :sohappy: Happy Birthday Nicky!!!
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    May 17-May 23: High Temps & Low Crowds

    :sohappy: I'm glad you had a good time!! I wish I could've been there to hang out with you and your sis again! I'm glad you lgot to watch Wishes from Main Street. It's not the same anywhere else in the park. BTW, great report!!! :sohappy:
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    What do you think of these pics (taken at WDW)

    The one of the sunset is beautiful! And the one of your niece on the Teacups is priceless!! :lol:
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