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  1. daguru

    Rumor Epcot to gain signature steakhouse and seafood venue in Japan Pavillion?

    I would be happy if they did 3 or 5 dish combo pricing... give a slight discount if you order 3 or 5 of them... Been suggesting this from the very beginning
  2. daguru

    News Flights of Wonder closing and replaced by 'UP! A Great Bird Adventure'

    As long as it is another bird and wildlife show, than I am ok with the change... Needs something, 20 years is long enough for almost anything (except Reflections of Earth ;) )
  3. daguru

    Holidays at Disney Springs 2017

    So just as bad or "cheap" looking as last year?
  4. daguru

    2 BIG announcements coming soon for Holidays at DHS?

    It would be amazing if they would do Muppets Christmas Carol...
  5. daguru

    Entrance Permits

    If it is security related, could be because MK may not be able to support closing some of the entrances right now.... Maybe wait until early 2017 after the parties are over...
  6. daguru

    Carousel of Progress exterior refurbishment

    Saw it in person this weekend and most of the sections look like they need a second coat. I think they are going to do multiple coats, which will probably happen. Seems like they only have a few hours a night to paint, so this will be a slow and stead type change/update...
  7. daguru

    2016 Night of Joy details announced

    Appreciate that, but sucks that if you only want to attend Saturday night, you have to pay the full $99 and get park admission. As an AP, don't need or want park admission included, wish they had a ticket for the concert only, just like Friday nights...
  8. daguru

    2016 Night of Joy details announced

    Any word on whether there is going to be Sat night only ticket?
  9. daguru

    PizzeRizzo announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios - Was: Rumor: Pizza Planet/Mama Melrose closing?

    Would have no issues if they re-themed Mama Melrose with the Muppets, as long as they keep the same atmosphere. I was talking about this the other day with a few friends, we thought they should come up with a Mama Melrose muppet, that could be used at the restaurant. We went so far as to think...
  10. daguru

    Two Spirited Quickees...Imagination closing

    Why not just move the lights to main entrance and down Sunset?
  11. daguru

    Star Wars Weekends 'Carbon Freeze Me' remains available this week

    Wouldn't surprise me if this wasn't be offered during Celebration VI this year...
  12. daguru

    Disney Launches a Twitter account for ONE attraction

    Sounds like this is an extension on their current TV ads, which feature the animals coming to life when no one is around... Sounds cool!
  13. daguru

    PHOTOS - Construction walls up inside Cosmic Ray's

    I actually posted about this a few months ago, a CM there told us that they are going to in-close the outside seating. Of course this was around July and he said that construction "should" start around Sept... guess they pushed it back a few mont
  14. daguru

    Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Studios closed due to capacity (Dec 28)

    Local 6 is reporting the Universal's IOA and Legoland Florida are also at capacity ( Good thing I stay away this time of the year.... :)
  15. daguru

    Last week's small fire at the Castle

    Was it just after a show? Sounds like the pyro might have accidentally set something on fire...
  16. daguru

    Cosmic Ray's Renovation This Year

    The CM didn't say where the whole place would be closed/renovated, but definitely Bay 3 and over... So I could see them doing just that section. Unless they are planning on upgrading the theming and then they would eventually upgrade the whole place. I personally don't see them closing the...
  17. daguru

    Cosmic Ray's Renovation This Year

    My wife and I stopped by Cosmic Ray's last weekend and heard an interesting rumor. My wife was speaking with one of the CMs who said that Comic Ray's was going to be renovated this year; as early as construction starting this September. He said that they are going to remove the wall the...
  18. daguru

    Refurbished Indiana Jones tank

    Wonder if they are cleaning up this area because there are rumors that Uncle George will be attending the SW reopening (or at least pre-opening review)...
  19. daguru

    Save the Adventurers Club

    If they are based in California, wouldn't surprise me. When we visited DL in 2008 for the first time, my wife was shocked that some of the pin trading CMs didn't know who Figment was. They wouldn't believe it was a real Disney pin!
  20. daguru

    Save the Adventurers Club

    My wife loves Bongo's also... Last year we spent nearly $150 to stock the bar with the necessary ingredients just to make the club's drinks :)
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