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    Anyone new updates about changes to Imagination.

    I really like the rotating show idea for the ones that could handle it. Obviously Dreamflight isn't coming back since Buzz is significantly busier I'm going to dive into this head first There's a decent list of things that could be rotated - If they removed MILF, then American Journeys and...
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    What I of today...for now...

    The entire area from The Land to The Living Seas is one giant stroller parking lot, and it's usually very busy Maybe you missed that one too
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    What I of today...for now...

    Remember that this is basically sitting right in the middle of FLE. Crush's coaster may be a cool ride, but it's a huge box on the outside. Theming it would be challenging, to say the least. I'm envisioning a terrain coaster that's basically a smaller version of BTMR, except with green grass...
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    WDW Parasailing Deal

    There are still plenty of warm days left this year. I wonder what other groupon/livingsocial deals there are at WDW...
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    Captain EO Soft Open To Public Today

    There is no 3D theater in Tomorrowland at WDW
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    Attempting all 4 parks in 1 day SOLO! Any advice?

    I did this very same thing a couple months ago as I made a quick detour on my way to Tampa. My goal was to go on just about every major attraction, and to step foot in every single land in every single park in a single day, and visit at least one resort, and I was successful. I started in AK...
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    Hurrican Simulator coming to Epcot in Summer 2008?

    Methinks Wonders of Life needs to be transformed into this weather pavilion. I hear it used to house a simulator ride, too. I'm pretty sure you can't just drop Storm Rider into any of the classic simulator pods (I think it's a bigger box, and far more complex), but the basis is already there...
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    American Idol details plus concept art

    I haven't read through all 19 pages of this monolithic thread, but I didn't see this mentioned in any of the pages Anyways... Why is Disney promoting something for the competition? Disney owns ABC, and American Idol is on FOX. What gives?
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    Spaceship Earth - my opinions of the refurb - very very dissapointing

    While I have only seen the video, I have to agree with the OP. Unfortunately, SSE is in dire need of help. I have mixed opinions about everything up to the 180, but I am largely pleased with what they have done. As others have mentioned, the script needs some work, and it sounded too much like...
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    Disney After Dark

    I'd go relax all over the Poly. That place is breathtaking at night.
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    Tomorrowland better during day or night?

    The Avenue of the Planets is amazing at night, as is TTA. On the other hand, the area by the Fantasyland entrance leaves little to be desired at night. Thank goodness there's always an abundance of neon in sight somewhere.
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    is Muppet Vision 3-D closing for Toy Story Mania?

    The evil Universal Studios Orlando park has two 3-D shows in it (T2 and Shrek), and they draw a ton of crowds. Besides, TS:MM is interactive whereas Muppets3D is just a darn good show period. When the park is busy, Muppets3D pulls in the crowds as much as any other attraction in the park.
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    Animal Kingdon hidden trail

    The original path in question is indeed one of my favorite places in all of DAK. As mentioned above, it runs from the TTBAB queue entrance over to Pizzafari. It's usually blocked by Flik because that's close to his meet and greet area. You can easily walk around him to get to the trail. There...
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    LOST Disney Attraction Teased by Show Creators

    Consider that this could come in any form, from a 3D movie, to a heavily themed thrill ride, to something as simple as an interactive play area They could easily construct a well-themed interactive play area just about anywhere, and it would be a LOST attraction.
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    Epcot Center Entrance Fountain

    Siemens needs to bring back that old fountain! The current fountain isn't bad, but it pales in comparison to its predecessor.
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    Universal Escape, my way – part one.

    IOA is in no way a ripoff of the MK A) MK uses the hub and spoke system. Since IOA's layout is based on water, there is no room for a hub. Besides, a circular layout makes perfect sense. While there aren't a whole lot of shortcuts in the park, IOA is damn easy to navigate. B) Disneyland (and...
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    SSE postshow areas open!

    AWESOME! Random thought: Now I have no idea what this globe looks like, but it sounds like it might be a tribute to the sphere that used to be in AmEx's TravelPort in Communicore. Maybe.
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    They're taking the Fun out of the Food & Fun Center.

    I suspect it will be transformed into a more open and modern food location. Maybe it will also have a shop next to it like the location over at the Beach Club.
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    OMG! I actually won through the mail-in YOAMD!

    192 you say? How appropriate
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