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  1. heapster411

    Poll: For those who curbed visits or stopped visiting Disney Parks, what are your top reasons?

    For years the DW and I have traveled to the "world". We used to go twice a year, were AP holders. Things were affordable "back in the day". To drive from the New Orleans area was easy. Now as the years progressed, we are down to once a year, as long as we get discounts from the mouse or rent...
  2. heapster411

    One ride, one show, one meal and one firework show

    Exhibition Everest Kitchen Kabaret Polite Pig Illuminations @ Christmastime
  3. heapster411

    Turf Club opinions

    Very relaxing and never rushed. Eaten there many times and never a bad meal. If the weather is nice, have a seat outside and watch the sun go down.
  4. heapster411

    30 day mark coming up soon; what should I be focusing on?

    Usually we check our ADR's and the menus of our restaurants to make sure nothing has changed or if they added anything that we HAVE to try. AccuWeather usually has forecasts 45 days out. Since we drive Floridia 511 is a go to for construction updates. Since we go every year, we have our "Disney...
  5. heapster411

    Tell me about these restaurants

    I second Boma! Polite Pig is one of our faves. Steak 71 for lunch is a good option. Depending how often you go, Ohana is a good one for every couple of years, but not every year. Homecomin is on our bucket list, maybe this year is the year. Turf Club @ SS is a hidden gem, but not for everybody...
  6. heapster411

    The ever disappearing Cirtus Swirl!

    On Friday the DW and I are going to the royal mart of Wal, and probably obtain said ingredients and give it a whirl! Now the steel drum part "might" be a problem. Let ya know how it works out!
  7. heapster411

    The ever disappearing Cirtus Swirl!

    Yes, you can, it might taste the same, but it won't be the same!!!
  8. heapster411

    The ever disappearing Cirtus Swirl!

    Well gang, according to the DFB, Our beloved Citrus Swirl, has left the building!!! Sunshine Tree Terrace doesn't have it on the mobile order menu. Since I can't go in person to check until December, any news would be greatly appreciated.
  9. heapster411

    Favorite Snacks Around the World

    Caramel shortbread bars, Germany. And I second the Pretzel Bread Pudding.
  10. heapster411

    Obscure/forgotten/old Disney IPs that you like to have a ride in the parks

    Flubber???? Absent Minded Professor. Meet the Robinsons!!
  11. heapster411

    I don't care what anyone says, I will always love...

    I certainly miss the Disney Welcome Station that was in Ocala, right off of I-75. It was @ exit 350. It got you excited for the last hour and a half ride to the parks. You could have bought your tickets there, had Disney souvenirs, candy, etc.
  12. heapster411

    Wilderness Lodge Free Tour

    Haven't taken the tour recently, but, It is worth the time. There is so much about the lodge that people staying there would never know. Small details that make the lodge unique. Go do it! When you go to the front desk to sign up, ask for a copy of the background music and I think they had a...
  13. heapster411

    News Disney After Hours at Walt Disney World (2024)

    So if this is successful, How long before the decide to have day tickets and separate night tickets ? May sound off the deep end, but behind closed doors do you think it was brought up? If you keep nudging people with separate hard ticket "parties" MNSHWP, Jollywood Nights, MWMCP, and DAH...
  14. heapster411

    Why you love WL (and why I should stay there)!

    To the DW and I, you are @ WDW but not @ WDW, if that makes any sense. You can really decompress @ WL, It has a calming effect on the grounds. Transportation really doesn't matter to us because the DW doesn't fly. We drive from NOLA to WDW and that gives us the flexibility to go whenever and...
  15. heapster411

    News Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog - Tiana's Bayou Adventure

    But remember; " Keep Moving Forward!" Disney probably won't use the actual movies, because they didn't make it $wise. We know that the message is still in use in "some" of the WDC. The "Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana" is one, small technical advances, but still "Moving Forward". If the bean...
  16. heapster411

    Where to Stay?!

    I believe OKW 2 br would be the best $ wise. The DW & I stayed @ BLT 1 br and it had 2 complete bathrooms. Plus, it's walking distance to MK. We had also talked to one of the castmembers that kind of guarded the elevator to the Top of the World lounge, and the let us up to the top of BLT to...
  17. heapster411

    News Free Dining Plan announced for Disney+ subscribers at Walt Disney World

    It is HOW they are offering "Free Dining". When you pay so much for Disney+and get less content, plus paying full price for the room is it a bargain? To boost subscriber numbers on paper by offering this seems " fishy".
  18. heapster411

    The ever disappearing Cirtus Swirl!

    No, unfortunately we didn't check. They were busy when we passed by. I checked throughout the day and it never appeared. You would think that they would have an ample supply, since after all it's what you are know for and have a picture of it in your site description. Like if you went to...
  19. heapster411

    The ever disappearing Cirtus Swirl!

    Ok Gang, I am going throw this out to the people in the know. Just returned from the world, On 12/12/23 the DW and I went to MK so she could get her favorite Citrus Swirl. We placed our mobile order ( the only way to obtain this treat ), and easy peazy she got her Treat. Went back to MK on our...
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