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  1. Mecha Figment

    MISICI Rumor

    I'm sure they are referring to way the character is acting and the peformance that is set for the MC and not necessarily the race. But still... probably not the best choice.
  2. Mecha Figment

    What can I expect to be off limits in the MK during September?

    Right now the only things closed are Ariel's Grotto which will reopen connected to the attraction if the concept art is accurate. And Poohs Play spot which is no more. But they did move the tree next to the attraction. Most everything going on as of now are behind walls to areas that you...
  3. Mecha Figment

    Lights of Winter not being displayed this year (2009)!?!

    Well I don't know about the lights being in the parking lot, but as of a few weeks ago I noticed the lights stacked together and sitting on a back stage road with some old Backlot tour vehicles, on the access road between the main guest parking lot and the cast Parking lot.
  4. Mecha Figment

    Any chance Parade of Dreams might come to WDW?

    It was suppose to come this year, but they decided financially it would be better to use the same rehash . it's slated for possibly coming around 2010 or 11.
  5. Mecha Figment

    Time for a new "Muppets at Walt Disney World Special"?

    it was also one of the last things Jim Henson ever worked on.
  6. Mecha Figment

    Villains to be Removed from Celebrate Dreams Come True Parade

    it's simple the float and it's characters don't fit the theme or the idea the parade is trying to say. It's not going away it will be back at halloween.
  7. Mecha Figment

    Seasonal/part time

    okay, I guess i'll step in and just lay it out there for you. currently Walt disney world is on a hiring freeze for many of it's departments. Especially entertainment. In order to be eligible for seasonal status you have to work either Part time for a good while, or Full time. You can't...
  8. Mecha Figment

    Theme parks for sale

    my opinion is that if Disney does get it's hands on the two florida based parks. it's going to salvage what it can from BG close it and sell everthing it can and level it and then sell the land. Sea World and Discovery Cove will probably stay open, Discovery cove meets the needs of what they...
  9. Mecha Figment

    Character Costume Upgrades....

    articulateds in their current form will never be meet and greets. you'll be lucky if you ever see them in any other park besides magic kingdom too.
  10. Mecha Figment

    I have had guests who think I am a cast member :)

    if you look like you know what your doing and your ina smaller group. people will peg you. I happen to be a castmember. But i can be in a park enjoying myself with no lables to say i work for the company. And i'll be flagged down everytime. I never tell them i work there because i'm off...
  11. Mecha Figment

    Thumper Meet n Greet

    lets think. how many disney bunnies are there really. I can only think of Thumper, and Brer rabbit. i guess the rest would be made up.
  12. Mecha Figment

    Celebrate Today Balloons

    I have yet to see those balloons for sale. just the old mickey baloons inside the round one. The only time i have seen them was with the amerian idol event. Some very obvious extras for the filming had them and only that small group of people had them. I haven't seen them since.
  13. Mecha Figment

    Entertainment changes

    Wes Palm and Pipa are gone. all that remains is push.
  14. Mecha Figment

    The Rocketeer

    Yes there was a Rocketeer, dont' know if he did autographs, he would do a launch in the front of the park and then land. that was about it.
  15. Mecha Figment

    Cast members say Indiana Jones Stunt Show is closing (post from 2005)

    never trust anything you hear from an operations cast member. they think they know whats going on, but they don't. Even if you get it from an entertainment cast member. for example. Those individuls who work at Pocahantas didn't find out they were closing until the comapany anounced it...
  16. Mecha Figment

    Haunted Mansion foyer & SSE burning Rome smells

    it's funny. Because I am pretty sure that smell you get at Haunted Mansion is Mildew.
  17. Mecha Figment

    Hollywood Hollyday Parade

    I can guarantee you that it wont be back. the only car still on property is the Power Rangers car. all the rest were taken appart into tiny pieces and shipped to France. I wouldn't cross my fingers for a holiday Block party either.
  18. Mecha Figment

    Characters in Tomorrowland?

    not even these. these two costumes that Mickey and Goofy wear have been retired from regular daily meet and greets. Not to say that they won't return, They left shortly before the windows were opened at Character spot.
  19. Mecha Figment

    Any rumor of Tapestry of Nations returning?

    The Tapestry parades were a logistical nightmare. It will never return. Now i'm not rulling out another parade, But Tapestry is dead.
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