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  1. KnightRonin

    Gideon's Bakehouse coming to Disney Springs

    Now who's being a bit misguided? People here just want to make inflammatory statements like this one for no real reason other than some irrational dislike of this business. This is the typical WDWMagic Forum negativity-machine in full effect. Too many people are very pressed over this place...
  2. KnightRonin

    Gideon's Bakehouse coming to Disney Springs

    Here's the thing... Gideon's is a small business that has made a pretty big splash in its market and the move to Disney Springs has been really interesting. They have gone ALL IN on theming and have embraced the Disney Springs mythology. However, there have been a reasonable number of forum...
  3. KnightRonin

    News Disney's Design-a-Tee at Disney Springs to close

    My family and I used to peruse the selections of designs at the touchscreens and they never seemed to have anything that interested us. It is kinda a shame that this location is closing, but I'm hopeful that something cool will take its place.
  4. KnightRonin

    News Lovepop coming to the Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs this fall

    Their cards are very nice and I wish them the best. I love that the Co-Op is integrating a new thing into it's conclave. I'm thinking the only location available is the Twenty-Eight and Main pod. This makes me kinda sad, because Twenty-Eight and Main merchandise was simply the best -- clever...
  5. KnightRonin

    News Disney's Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf closing for refurbishment Sep 2018

    My wife and I played a game at the Gardens a couple of months ago, but we had some minor issues. It definitely needs a minor refurb. It was a LOT of fun, but some of the animated elements were not working -- including the Chernabog appearance in the tunnel.
  6. KnightRonin

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    They can do what my family and I are gonna do: WAIT. I've been a Star Wars fan since '77, but I am fully aware that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD/UNIVERSE will descend upon Hollywood Studios when Galaxy's Edge opens next year. It may take a year -- maybe two, but eventually the gawkers and posers will...
  7. KnightRonin

    News Artist Point to become Storybook Dining character experience

    Absolutely! Love Scrooge! Love the Junior Woodchucks! That would definitely be a better fit than Snow White and her Dwarven Companions at the Wilderness Lodge. It is kinda interesting to note that this would be the only place at WDW to see Snowy and her height-challenged associates all in one...
  8. KnightRonin

    PHOTOS - First look and taste at Chicken Guy! Disney Springs

    Pretty much the same here this morning (Saturday) with a family of five. I thought the sandwich was a little tastier than the tenders and, in a pinch, I'd eat there again. My youngest (18) was having none of it. He's a chicken tenders connoisseur and proclaimed them "awful". The sauces we had...
  9. KnightRonin

    Epcot International Festival of the Arts coming in January 2017

    My family and I went yesterday, and even though I'm pretty cool towards Flower & Garden and Food & Wine, I'd have to say that Festival of the Arts holds a lot of promise. My kids and I enjoyed contributing to the Epcot mural and the small Mary Blair and Herbert Ryman galleries were pretty cool...
  10. KnightRonin

    2016 Candlelight Processional Narrators and Dining Packages

    Anthony Mackie added from the 7th-9th! Really looking forward to that!
  11. KnightRonin

    Am I The Only One....This Site Is Becoming Way To Negative

    I still come to WDW Magic for News, but I can't stand the forums. You could argue that "everyone has their own unique opinion", but most of these people only want to tear everything apart. Pixar Place: Awful! Star Wars Land: Stupid! Disney Springs? Sell-out mall! The vast majority of the posters...
  12. KnightRonin

    Art of Animation

    My family and I stayed there two weeks ago (6/8-6/10) and came away feeling really positive about the experience on most points. Of course, because it’s the only section open right now, we stayed in the Finding Nemo Suites. However, by just walking around we had a chance to get a visual preview...
  13. KnightRonin

    New Year's Eve Announcement?

    Special Event="Special Cost" How much extra will this Feb 29th event cost? I suspect the House of Mouse won't allow any old rabble in for the standard ticket price. I'm thinking it will be a specially ticketed day (like MNSSHP and MVMCP).
  14. KnightRonin

    How to surprise the kids Christmas morning...

    Disney Surprises! Keep it a secret for as long as you can -- the payoff will be worth the in point: Almost ten years ago, my wife and I decided to surprise our kids with a trip to Disney. We had planned it for 6 months, right down to the last detail. Thankfully, we only live 40...
  15. KnightRonin

    House of Blues launches new menu by celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez

    No Voodoo! Change is good (maybe) but I'll miss the Voodoo Shrimp. Pan-seared shrimp + an amazing sauce + a slab of cornbread = perfect. Sad to see it off the menu...
  16. KnightRonin

    Speculation: John Carter, Oz, Lone Ranger?

    Because it's set in the late 1800s :)
  17. KnightRonin

    Where exactly does the Stitch hate stem from?

    Yup, it's probably overexposure for many people. I was never a fan of AE, and SGE wasn't an improvement, but the fact that Disney has force-fed us a diet of Stitch Stitch Stitch and more Stitch makes me a little queasy. The first movie is VERY entertaining -- great voice work, excellent...
  18. KnightRonin

    What are you looking forward to on your next trip?

    Long Wait - Hopefully Worth It. My family and I (wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter) had been passholders for years. , Finances, school, and a little bit of apathy began getting in the way, and we gave up our Seasonal passes two years ago. We've since had Universal passes (fun for a few months) and...
  19. KnightRonin

    Silly question...Adventure's Club???

    THAT is a perfect description! Excellently observed, Slappy.
  20. KnightRonin

    GMR Pre-show Theater

    Warners just released a restored version of The Searchers on DVD last year. If your Blockbuster doesn't have it, you may want to get them on the ball. Just do a quick Amazon check and you find a standard edition and a deluxe two-disc set. The deluxe set is excellent. If you are a film major, it...
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