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  1. Disney Hoser

    News A Taste of EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival 2020

    Not saying they would be sitting inside eating the food from the kiosks. Was just wondering if they would be having designated areas outside for eating the food from the stands.
  2. Disney Hoser

    News A Taste of EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival 2020

    With the low volume that seems to be occurring at Universal, I expect the same(maybe not quite as low) at the Disney Parks with the exception of right after reopening where I expect the crowds to be higher to the restricted volume. The Food & Wine Festival is certainly something that attracts...
  3. Disney Hoser

    Spot holding on park rides - during and post COVID

    The bottom line really with this issue is it is rude, but should guests really get involved in a confrontation over it during their vacation. I don't think that should be happening. It honestly shouldn't be up to another guest to say something and the CM's overlook it so it is going to continue...
  4. Disney Hoser

    Disneyland Canada

    Well, you are kind of barking up the wrong Canuck tree with that question since I am from the total opposite coast of Canada in Nova Scotia. :)
  5. Disney Hoser

    Spot holding on park rides - during and post COVID

    You put up a good point with the first one. I suppose if they come back with a bunch of snacks in hand you can tell they didn't leave the line for an emergency. :) The hip check thing was actually a joke.
  6. Disney Hoser

    These are a few of my favorite things...

  7. Disney Hoser

    Best Resort for Honeymoon

    Here is another vote for the Polynesian Resort. One huge plus and I even imagine this would be kind of romantic is viewing the Magic Kingdom Nighttime Fireworks from the Polynesian Village Beach. Not exactly sure when your wedding and reception is planned, but if it is planned when the fireworks...
  8. Disney Hoser

    Hey from Canada

    Thank You
  9. Disney Hoser

    Spot holding on park rides - during and post COVID

    If you have been waiting in the line already and you politely are trying to leave the line with a medical excuse like the one you have explained than that is one thing. It is those guests that are coming from the back of the line where there party has gotten in the line earlier and these people...
  10. Disney Hoser

    Favorite Restaurant at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Hollywood Brown Derby. My favourites on the menu are the Charred Pork Chops and the Chocolate Mousse Cake for dessert.
  11. Disney Hoser

    Where in the World Isn't Bob Saget?

    My pup Charlie is now 4. He is a Scottish Terrier/Poodle Mix.
  12. Disney Hoser

    Name one Disney attraction you miss so much it hurts

    Not that I hate Frozen Ever After at the Norway Pavilion, but I do miss the Maelstrom ride a lot.
  13. Disney Hoser

    If your favorite WDW attraction were removed...

    If Soarin' got shut down and maybe it will someday it would just be another great ride I in the many of them that I think Disney has made a mistake in removing. Most recently The Great Movie Ride. The Maelstrom also comes to mind. You know when it all comes down to it I don't have any control...
  14. Disney Hoser

    What kind of Disney guest are you?

    I do not get to WDW as much as I'd like. I have been a total of 5 times in my lifetime. I am from Canada so we take a flight to Orlando Airport and take the Magical Express in to our resort. We try to get a very early flight and it is actually good because I am coming from the Atlantic Time Zone...
  15. Disney Hoser

    Where in the World Isn't Bob Saget?

    Yes, I know exactly where Truro is. I is about an hour away North West of where I am from. I am about 20 minutes from Halifax.
  16. Disney Hoser

    Pandora World of Avatar Phase Two

    This just like the other thread with the BatB dark ride has a lot of potential, but it just isn't the right time at the moment. Coming out of this pandemic and reopening everything for Disney and making that a success. Making guests and CM's feel safe that they can come back and the parks can be...
  17. Disney Hoser

    Beauty and the Beast dark ride

    With all that has taken place with the shutdown of all the Disney Parks worldwide, I highly doubt a new concept as good as it may seem will come to be any time in the near future.They have enough unfinished business to take care of first and then maybe years down the road this idea might fall...
  18. Disney Hoser


    Welcome Cobra.
  19. Disney Hoser

    Hey from Canada

    Thank You
  20. Disney Hoser

    Best Disney tip you ever got!

    One great tip I got when I turned 21 and was going to be at WDW for the Food and Wine Festival and planning to drink around the world was my parents telling me to make sure I first do it in moderation and if I don't exactly like the drink give it someone in my party who might like it. Also it is...
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