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  1. kap91

    Thoughts about the progression of projection rides?

    I really love the use of projections in the classic dark rides. I think it's a natural fit for them cause they're already more two dimensional and abstract anyway. There's also some great uses of projection mapping for effects like in Indy. My favorite use of projections is some of the scenes...
  2. kap91

    Is the Castle staying the pink(ish) color for good or is it just for the 50th anniversary?

    When they announced it they said it was permanent, though with any luck they've changed their mind.
  3. kap91

    Open brainsrorming thread for new compact dark ride concepts.

    Have you heard of Popcorn revenge? It's very similar to this!
  4. kap91

    Hercules In The Underworld Disney Quest Game

    I did it! I don't remember much of it but if I remember correctly it wasn't all that different from the Pirates attraction that followed. One person controlled the flight path of Pegasus if I remember right, and the other people were the equivalent of gunners.
  5. kap91

    Do FastPasses create longer waits or do they not have any affect at all?

    It's actually worth mentioning that fastpasses COULD theoretically lower wait times again IF there were extra capacity. Say at 9am there's a mad rush to an attraction but you know at 4pm there's a lull cause everyone goes to watch a show. You could give out fastpasses at 9am with a 4pm return...
  6. kap91

    Do FastPasses create longer waits or do they not have any affect at all?

    A ride can only handle so many guests per hour. Assuming the ride has a line, that means more guests want to ride it than the rides hourly capacity can handle. Therefore if certain guests can skip ahead to the front of the line, everyone in the regular line must wait longer. BUT it does depend...
  7. kap91

    Comparing Disney to Six Flags makes zero sense

    The first 3 original six flags parks were actually pretty good THEME parks easily on par with Busch Gardens or Dollywood. However, along the way six flags decided it would be easiest to compete on pure thrills and cost and to hell with the mission of being a theme park. To people who grew up...
  8. kap91

    Jungle Cruise Engines

    If I'm not mistaken most vehicles at Disney that are still internal combustion engines either run on biodiesel or liquid natural gas. So it's probably one of those.
  9. kap91

    Why do new rides not have on-ride photos

    I imagine it's some combination of 1. Many of the rides built in the last few years aren't "thrill" rides of the kind you might want to see how you looked on and 2. Now that you don't buy on ride photos individually anymore, it's less financially lucrative to include them.
  10. kap91

    Opening Day Trucks Kilimanjaro Safari

    If I remember correctly one of the main changes was the move from the identification guides from the back of seats to overhead. I think something was also done with the doors, but I don't know exactly what was changed.
  11. kap91

    Future ride technology

    Yes and no...someone will probably eventually attempt it, because the promise is so cool but logistically and financially it's a tall order. What happens if 3 vehicles in a row want to go to the same scene? Now you have a bunch of scenes sitting vacant, and one scene that has to be shorter than...
  12. kap91

    Why Animal Kingdom is now so popular?

    I mean the short version is Flight of Passage. The long version is it's a park that was very thoughtfully designed with good operational and thematic bones that has seen a slow but steady trickle of improvements and additions over the course of 20 years and a unified vision presiding over all...
  13. kap91

    Pinocchio water ride with new Mack technology

    I think that'd be pretty cool...I love Mack's concept. What special effects would you like to see? There's a millions ways to skin a cat. some FX for a Pinocchio ride I think that are probably required are nose growing, the blue fairy, the transformation into a donkey, and monstro the whale...
  14. kap91

    Flight of Passage vs Rise of the Resistance

    I think they're both best in class for the types of attractions they are. That being said the sheer ambition and groundbreakingness of Rise is hard to compete with.
  15. kap91

    Concept Art Help

    Well a couple things come to mind it could be the preshow for the Star Wars hotel. Or concept art for the space pavilion that evolved into Mission:Space It could also be concept art to Journey into Imagination, or the space restaurant, or perhaps the space scenes of Horizons. those are my...
  16. kap91

    Parks are Taking a Back Seat?

    The parks haven't been seen as the main business for a while...and as long as there's a pandemic and they're in crisis mode they'll continue to take a backseat. I wouldn't expect to see much investment aside from what's already in progress for several years as they try to recoup their losses and...
  17. kap91

    News Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island closing for lengthy refurbishment

    Does anyone know how the guides for the riverboat stay in the track? Do they just control the water level that precisely? Feels like a good thunderstorm could raise the water level enough to make it jump out.
  18. kap91

    Cinderella Castle Clock

    It's a bit of a Floridian cult.
  19. kap91

    Cinderella Castle Clock

    Thanks! I do not make clocks lol. I am planning on working in themed entertainment concept design though. Btw...just to be clear this isn't a real clock, it's a 3d model. I wouldn't even know where to begin to make this irl.
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