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  1. WDW Kip

    News Another Fight at Magic Kingdom

    I just got back from WDW. I am going to put it out there that the increased fights are a result of current Disney policies. Prices have gotten outrageous, stand-by lines have become unreasonable, and some people are at a breaking point. To be honest, it costs a lot of money to go to the parks...
  2. WDW Kip

    Rider Switch

    How many people can go with the adult that waits off for rider switch? Is WDW holding strict to the one extra guest policy? We haven’t been since they made this change.
  3. WDW Kip

    Three hotels in 8 days. Are we dumb?

    We’ve done multiple hotels before and it isn’t that bad. Disney will transport your luggage around for you, so that will take time each morning that you change resorts.
  4. WDW Kip

    WDW Security vs. Universal

    Spent a day at Universal over this past trip, and I noticed how efficient the security check is there. One central check point for the entire park with metal detectors and conveyor belts for bags. I realize that this creates a more hostile message than WDW does, but the whole process of bag...
  5. WDW Kip

    People who drive to WDW, how do you choose to get to the parks?

    My wife did a trip last fall where we stayed by Universal but drove over to WDW for a few days during the trip. It is extremely easy to park hop in a car these days. Trams were readily available, and you get access to parking in each park for the whole day after paying one parking fee. The one...
  6. WDW Kip

    Best sit down restaurant at Epcot for young children?

    I would agree with Via Napoli. We had a wonderful meal there on our last trip, and they were very accommodating with the kids. They allowed us to order some items that weren't on the kids menu for them, and brought extra juice and milk at no charge.
  7. WDW Kip

    Do you use park hopper is it really worth it?

    When my entire family goes, we rarely get park hoppers. I have small children, so one park per day is about as much as we can accomplish. If only my wife and I go down, then we almost always park hop. We were there this fall just the two of us, and we were able to see three parks each day...
  8. WDW Kip

    Coronado Springs thoughts

    I've stayed there a few times over the years. It's a very nice moderate with decent food and good pools. The only thing that can be a challenge is the distance from the front of the resort for bus access or food in the morning. The rooms closest to the front of the resort can be reserved for...
  9. WDW Kip

    What ride do you like that everyone else hates?

    I enjoy Ellen's Energy Adventure. Most people find it slow and boring, but it's a nice change of pace from a busy day at Epcot. This attraction still represents the old school Epcot Center rides for me, and I have a lot of nostalgia for entering the theater and getting into those giant moving...
  10. WDW Kip

    Fantasmic Dessert Buffet Questions

    Thank you so much for this information. We'll be on the walkway next month, and it's great to know some of the food we can expect. Looks delicious.
  11. WDW Kip

    Energy changes . . .

    Bump. Double posted.
  12. WDW Kip

    Energy changes . . .

    Great point about the timelessness of attractions being important. While I've always loved Cranium Command, it too had many pop culture references that were only relevant when it first came out. Now it seems a little antiquated, which is one reason why it's shutting down. However, I would...
  13. WDW Kip

    Disneyland - my second trip PHOTO report

    Great pics. I'll be heading down for my first trip ever in July, and it was nice to get a feel for what the park looks like.
  14. WDW Kip

    Imagineering Field Guide Epcot now available for preorder

    Just got my copy in today, but I won't be able to get to it until next week. However, I plan on reading the whole book before my trip on May 19, so I'll submit a review before then.
  15. WDW Kip

    LOST Discussion Thread

    WHAT??!! That's all my wife could say over and over again after tonight's new episode. I have no idea what's going on on this show anymore. I guess we can assume that Michael is one of the Others now in some capacity, or at least doing dirty work for them so he can get Walt back, but I guess...
  16. WDW Kip

    Mission: SPACE testing a "no G Force" version of the experience

    I personally think it's a fine idea to offer a toned down version of the ride. Mission: Space has got a ton of bad press lately, and very low attendance on the attraction. I think if they do offer a no G-force version, then more people will give the ride a chance, and then might ride again to...
  17. WDW Kip

    LOST Discussion Thread

    Yeah I saw this today too. Here's a link with a little more info, but not much, on the game:
  18. WDW Kip

    Question about Donald's Breakfastosaurus

    Officially, the buses start at 8 am; at least that's what we were told when we made our reservation. However, my wife's been scoping out some other boards, and they say that buses start running 45 min. before the first breakfast reservation. So I'd say they'd start running to the AK around 7...
  19. WDW Kip

    Question about Donald's Breakfastosaurus

    Hi Everyone, We're heading out for a weekend trip in May to check out Everest. Needless to say, we'd like to get into the park as early as possible so we can get as many rides in on Everest as we can. We've been thinking about eating breakfast at Donald's to get into the park early around 8...
  20. WDW Kip

    Horizons Lamp on Ebay

    That's pretty awesome. Horizons is my favorite attraction of all time. Let us know if you find anything else from the attraction; I'd love to have the model of the sub from the underwater scene.
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