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  1. BoardWalkin'

    Grocery Delivery Options (Garden Grocer - Walmart?)

    Thanks for the great information. I've never used Shipt but have heard of them. I'll definitely check them out!
  2. BoardWalkin'

    Grocery Delivery Options (Garden Grocer - Walmart?)

    Thanks for the information! I'm glad to hear that the Walmart order went smoothly as we have Walmart+ so we can get free delivery and pricing is the same as in the store. I never considered Amazon so I will check them out too. Thanks again!
  3. BoardWalkin'

    Grocery Delivery Options (Garden Grocer - Walmart?)

    Thank you for the great information! Awesome! I'll be sure to check them out. Thank you!
  4. BoardWalkin'

    Grocery Delivery Options (Garden Grocer - Walmart?)

    We ( @baskinthemagic and I ) are getting ready for our next 13 day visit to the BoardWalk Villas! (So Excited!!) We like to get breakfast and a few lunches in our room so I went to the Garden Grocer website to submit our usual order. I see that since last July, they no longer give discount...
  5. BoardWalkin'

    Opinions on Epcot After Hours Needed

    After reading @NoPoncho! 's excellent review of the event we have decided not to attend. After reading that nearly half of World Showcase is roped off for the event, we called WDW to see if this was a one time thing or if it was that way for all of the events. They confirmed that all After...
  6. BoardWalkin'

    Opinions on Epcot After Hours Needed

    DH ( @baskinthemagic ) and I will be travelling back "home" to WDW for the first time since the end of the pandemic. We had to cancel our last planned trip as WDW shut down five days before we were scheduled to leave. This brought great sadness and we pretty much avoided all news about the...
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    Trip Report BoardWalkin’ Around the World- COMPLETED

    LOVE the title of your trip report... I wonder why? Maybe my name has something to do with it. 😅
  8. BoardWalkin'

    Trip Report The Story Comes ALIVE! *COMPLETED*

    Even for DVC members staying on points! We were so excited when APs were offered to us again and purchased our vouchers. We haven't even used them yet and already feel duped. I like how they slipped in keeping reservations for APs directly after everyone had just purchased their APs. We...
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    Gearing up for a LONG trip and had a question

    Not allowed. Folding chairs and stools are not permitted in any theme park, water park, or Disney Springs. Folding chairs are listed among the prohibited items in the Walt Disney World Resort Property Rules.
  10. BoardWalkin'

    News Walt Disney World to resume sales of Annual Passes (New sales resume April 20, 2023)

    Just spoke with DVC MS. I wanted to make sure that new passes were the same as in the past where they are not activated until first use and then good for 365 days from that date. She said that that is the way they have always been in the past, but she does not know if that will change with...
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