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    SSE - Screen Error..? (2 pics)

    Typical Mac user response.
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    Woman Tried To Bring Loaded Gun, Knife Into Disney's Magic Kingdom

    The article said she was from Pennsylvania...So how was she able to travel on a plane with a gun in her purse? Unless she drove. Even if she had it in her checked luggage, dont you have to tell the airline that you have a gun in there? Dont see how she could have "forgotten"
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    Somewhere in this world there is a mini Spaceship Earth.

    So why would the Food and Drug Administration care about green lasers being shined in peoples eyes?
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    Christmas Treasure Hunt

    You really felt the need to post this in three different forums?
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    Touring the Tunnels?

    Or just become a cast member, and you get to see them everyday.
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    Know Any Unusual Disney Facts?

    Liberty Tree Tavern's bathrooms are upstairs I believe. And you could technically say that the Womens room inside the Adventureland/LibertySquare breezeway are in Liberty Square.
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    Cynicism towards Carousel of Progress

    Or you could see it as "Going Green" = Making the World Cleaner for the Future of Tomorrow...
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    Cynicism towards Carousel of Progress

    "Going Green" is a political topic? Or was that sarcasm?
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    ACRONYMS - What The ?

    MILF is not on that acronym list that someone posted. And good luck searching MILF using a search engine.
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    Is Captain Jack still working at Jungle Cruise?

    Yeah, he was there last night. He is a coordinator at Ad/Lib now.
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    Animal Encounter!

    There are cats that live in MK. Plus all the ducks. And squirrels.
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    The Sword in the Stone

    I believe theres a switch in one of the shops that releases the sword.
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    cannot login

    How were you able to post then if you are unable to login?
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    Anyone Explain a Small Oddity?

    Disney doesnt see Seaworld as a competitor. Cast members can get discounted tickets to Seaworld.
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    3D glasses over glasses problem

    So the issue is that you are unable to have both glasses on at the same time, or the 3D effect doesnt work? Some people have issues seeing 3D movies. Also, if your head is a bit tilted to one side, the picture will be distorted and blurry.
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    National Treasure Ride

    Just because a movie is good doesn't mean it should be made into a ride/attraction.
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    Pre-Illuminations Loop

    Yeah I used to use Mousebits and download from there until my ISP capped my bittorrent upload speed at 0.0kbs, which makes it almost impossible to download.
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    Pre-Illuminations Loop

    Would you happen to have any other background area loop music uploaded to that site?
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    Brother Bear 3 petition

    Sure, I'll sign any petition to stop Disney from making a Brother Bear 3 movie. ...Oh wait, it's a petition for them to create another sequel....Never mind then.
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