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    Will Soft 'Solo' Box Office Cause Disney to Rethink 'Star Wars' Strategy?

    Not for me and/or any of the people that I know that are big, big fans. I was 8 when Return of the Jedi was in theaters. My dad had both Star Wars and Empire on Super 8 film and he would show them to me over and over and over. I have the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy in so many...
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    Solo - A Star Wars Story SPOILER-Filled Thread (Reviews and Discussion)

    I thought that this movie was pretty good. I'm not sure it was a necessary installment, but I did really like it. It was a fun movie and I thought that the Kessel region was really nice...especially the visuals. I thought Alden Ehrenreich did okay as Han Solo. He wasn't an bad as I was...
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    Disneyland newbie

    My wife and I took a trip to Disneyland this past September (her 1st trip to Cali, my second). 6 days will give you more than enough time to ride practically everything. We had 3 days...1 full DL, 1 full DCA and then a split day between the two. The only rides we didn't get to ride were Peter...
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    animated movies

    It would be very difficult for Disney to do a traditionally animated movie. They have parted ways with almost the entire 2D staff, including veterans that at one point would never have been left go. The equipment is gone as well so they would have to repurchase everything. In some ways it...
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    Zootopia Coming March 2016

    Actually something did happen like this ten years ago. It actually happens quite often. The only difference is that the company never parted with any of the main animators that they had. They could'nt afford to lose them to Dreamworks or other competition. This time didn't...
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    Zootopia Coming March 2016

    It'll definitely be CGI since the traditional animation department and many long time Disney vets were shown the door several months back. Disney was cutting ties with everyone from that department, only a handful of traditional animators remain. That department is unfortunately dead for the...
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    Frozen trailer in 5 days

    Wow....this is a completely Ice Age-like trailer. Makes me totally uninterested, if I wanted to see Ice Age, I'd just watch that. There are many things that they could've done to make that reindeer completely different than a dog. What? People don't own cats? If that dog personality is all...
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    I'm writing a CGI Mario movie for Disney

    If that would be the cast, it would be one of the most expensive films of all time and that doesn't even include trying to secure the rights to the Mario franchise.
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    VHS, DVD or Blu-ray! A debate for the ages!

    There is a large difference in quality between all 3. Blu-Ray "is" much better than DVDs, but some of that depends on the quality of the initial transfer. I've seen some questionable Blu-Rays, but they were of older movies that didn't have a digital film print to transfer from and they...
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    Hand-Drawn Animation division gutted

    Cel Animation has been mostly dead for quite some time. Most films are now done with a drawing pad and stylus and done straight into a computer as you mentioned. I would assume that this now means that all "hand drawn" animation is getting the axe. The animators listed were feature animation...
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    Hand-Drawn Animation division gutted

    I'm surprised to see some of those veterans get laid off, but this is part of this business. For animators (and other artists) who aren't more experienced they go through this every time a production on a movie ends. When another starts up or if they need help on another then they'll either be...
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    Treasure Planet

    I really like this movie, but with one exception. The robot....can't stand it and it was totally un-neccessary. It was there basically for comic-relief.. o_O
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    Least favorite Disney movie?

    I'm a little surprised at peoples choices, but hey, thats what opinions are for I suppose. I have a whole list of what I consider awful to not-so-good movies. Robin Hood, Black Cauldron, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Atlantis (wanted to love it, but I don't), Dinosaur (beautiful yet completely...
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    Clone Wars

    Keep in mind that they probably never intended that episode to be the episode. I thought it was a good wrap up and it removes Ahsoka from the picture for all the upcoming events. I honestly thought she would die and that would help push Anakin over the edge so to speak...guess...
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    Clone Wars

    I must say that I was very saddened by the cancellation of this series. When the movie hit theaters I was stunned at how awful it was. It wasn't until shortly into Season 1 that I gave the television show a shot and was happy that I did. The seasons became progressively better and in some...
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    Walt Disney Executives to Face Criticism for Bias in its Networks' News Reporting

    I'll be honest this seems like a very conservative biased article in itself. Unfortunately, biased news reporting is all that we really have anymore. It is one of the reasons that I dislike politics. I honestly don't care what side of the political fence a person falls on and I certainly...
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    The Guardian: Disney turns away from hand-drawn animation

    Don't confuse Anime with traditional American animation. I know it's a technicality, but Anime comes mostly from Japan and is a different style of animation medium that is not usually done in the states, let alone by Disney. There is a thread in the Animation Forum on this website following...
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    Disney officially done with 2D animation

    Just as an FYI, this film is very expensive through Amazon, but if you have itunes you can download it for $1.99. I bought yesterday after seeing this post and wanted to watch it, but I've only had time for the first half. Some interesting tidbits from Disney artists.
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    Disney officially done with 2D animation

    Not too thrilled with the look of Mickey in that shorts link...I think I'd rather have 2D die. HAHA....just kidding, but thats hideous. Also, the drawings that are being Xerox'd are usually not the original animators artworks, they are 9 times out of 10, the artwork of the clean up team...
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    Disney officially done with 2D animation

    In my years of watching cartoons, I think Xerography is the sloppiest looking technology to come down the pike. It also lifted any dirt that was on the paper and the lines were very inconsistent. In some movies, particularly Winnie the Pooh, it looked decent, because it seemed reminiscent of...
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