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    Mansion's Hidden Mickey Gone; Splash Mountain Update

    haha! i took the keys to the kingdom tour as a cm in 2005. it was alot of fun. yeah everyone is right about the imagineers getting rid of the mickey on the table. when i took the tour, i moved the silverware around on one of the table settings... lol
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    Who has gotten their hair cut on main street?

    I had my haircut from mycael as well. It was alot of fun! he talked with me the whole time. I was a cast member at the time, but it wasn't more than a regular haircut from a barber shop or salon. my tip made up for whatever discount i got. also, if you time it right, its a great front row seat...
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    most erieist things at wdw...

    walking down streets of america way, way after park closes. the sounds are still on of the trains and the people and stuff! way too creepy
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    College program name badges

    when i applied for the college program, they asked for both college and hometown and then gave me a box to choose from. i chose my hometown, but the college ended up on the nametag anyways.
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    Who/How Does WDW Watch the weather??

    im not sure about wdw as a whole, but when i worked there, my department used nasa's website for weather tracking. it was really accurate and helpful.
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    Noodle Station

    mixed reviews for sure. when i went, there were three of us and 2 of us liked it and the other felt like she was going to be sick. i liked it. alot of food for your money, which is sometimes hard to do at disney.
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    Ride Breakdowns!

    i was working one afternoon when this family comes up to me at an ice cream stand. they had a bunch of those no strings attached coupons. it turns out that star tours had set off the fire sprinklers in one of the ships while they were in it. disney paid for all new clothes and everything! i wish...
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    Backlot Express Music Loop?

    i know for sure that mash is one of the songs played at backlot. my fiance used to work there. i'll try to ask if she knows the rest.
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    Epcot vs. MGM?

    i remember it actually being not too bad around sunset blvd. it was just packed around the lake and back. (mickey avenue, streets of america, and of course star tours)
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    Disney dumping McDonald's...great decision

    while i was working at wdw, i read this story back in july. as a mcdonalds employee, that is true. once a year, we did a 2 for one toy deal with the happy meals. 2 toys in each bag. there were so many left over toys from the different campaigns, we had to get rid of them somehow.
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    If you were in Disney now, you'd be........

    starting work. getting my apron on and ready to check my wagons.
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    Proof that you can not park at the Contemporary & walk to the Magic Kingdom

    i've done it at the poly. "have reservations" and you're in.
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    disney college program questions

    Hey, I was on the program from jan 05 to aug 05. its alot of fun. here is a site that will be a great help to you. they have a great forum of people who have or are on the program. feel free to ask them any questions.
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    Current Cast Member Pay?

    when i left (aug 2005), seasonal was starting out at 6.80 i believe. that might have changed though
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    Rarely seen: Donald Duck

    go to mgm on mickey avenue. he is there all the time
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    How much does cast members know??

    actually, you would be surprised when finding out that bus drivers know alot more about what is going on than most. i dont know how, but they are very knowledgeable about the parks. but they are all right. the probability of getting a third gate any time soon in DLR is slim to none. unless they...
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    Things Walt wouldn't have approved of

    I dont see why everyone has a problem with Dino Rama. Have you been on that ride? it is like the tilt-a-whirl on crack! it is so much fun! get 2 larger people on the outside, 2 smaller people on the inside, and you will have the time of your life!
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    Disney College Program

    i was on the program for the spring advantage 2005. i worked in ODF (outdoor foods) at the studios. it was awesome! yeah, 6 roomates can be a drag, but you live practically in disney! all your transportation heads straight there. now what i am going to say might seem mean, but if you have a big...
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    is being mickey the top job??

    HM CMs are CPs for the most part. they are just operations cast members. my roomate while being a cp, wanted to transfer to operations just for that. i knew some ToT Cps as well. they are just base line operations roles.
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    Alcohol at the parks

    i'm not sure if it still is, but beer in mgm was like 4.75 from tap and like 5.25 from the bottle. disney is making bank. they also have rules for their cms about serving the alcohol. its just a bummer that cms cant take tips. beer drinkers love giving tips.
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