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  1. Chernabog

    Buy Quick Service for shopping discount!

    A few more details. The coupon is good to use any day during the period between 9am-12pm. You do not have to use the coupon on the same day you purchased the meal. Also, as expected there are some restrictions. See below for what's written on the coupon. Present this coupon at participating...
  2. Chernabog

    Buy Quick Service for shopping discount!

    Guests who visit certain Quick Service locations in the Theme Parks between December 2-15 will receive a coupon attached to their receipt, offering 20% off their purchase at the following participating merchandise stores between the hours of 9am-12pm: • Emporium • Mouse Gear • Mickey's of...
  3. Chernabog

    AP shopping day!

    From page 4 of the Mickey Monitor Annual Passholders will enjoy an exclusive shopping experience on Dec. 5 at the World of Disney store location in the Downtown Disney of Walt Disney World from 6:30-9:30 a.m., complete with specially priced "doorbuster" items and "Donald Deals", savings of as...
  4. Chernabog

    Official D23 Thread

    Robin Williams was NEVER a JC skipper. It's an old urban legend. Steve Martin never was either. Before Good morning Vietnam Williams never worked for Disney. Sorry but it frustrates me to see incorrect infor spread on a disney fan site to be picked up and continued by others.
  5. Chernabog

    Is it just me, or does it seem like Aladdin is not apart of Disneyworld?

    It's not just Aladdin. Let's think about it. The Little Mermaid, which basically restarted the comapny and the animation department, has a meet-n-greet at Mk and a fairly poor show at the Studios. Lion King only has a show at DAK Beauty and the Beast has had the same show since the movei...
  6. Chernabog

    Do you think Disney has changed?

    While i don't disagree that the park has changed some, i also think that in our deep love and devotion and attention to detail we're more critical now than say when we first visited. Everyone remembers how clean the park was the first time they went, but go more often and you'll notice that...
  7. Chernabog

    Christmas Parade Taping

    The information we've been receiving in prk is that they were planning on taping the 5th and 6th for the parade but have now cut it down to the 6th only. The reason being that this is the 25th anniversary and they are planning on using lots of old footage from previous years and are planning on...
  8. Chernabog

    WDW Motivational posters

    This is by and large one of my favorite threads of all time. Agree or disagree with some of the have to admit they're very funny.:sohappy::ROFLOL::sohappy:
  9. Chernabog

    Monsters, Inc. Hollywood Studios rumor

    I know i make Jim Hill look like a credible source by saying this...but I will go out and confirm all of this. WDI made a mistake a few weeks back and posted a video on their part of the company site showing in detail the concept drawings, ride mock-up, scale model, etc. The video was on the...
  10. Chernabog

    Jungle Cruise rehab

    My understanding in talking to skippers is that the rehab is mostly just a cleaning and fixing. Drain the river, pressure wash, replace air hoses, repaint AAs, fix the water misters, perhaps newer speakers, minor boat work, and the biggest thing is an apparent new dock for load and unload...
  11. Chernabog

    Why Do They Ask Those Questions?

    Because then EVERYONE would book dining in all the location they could and there would never be an opneing. Disney would haev to take a credit card for every reservation you wanted to book, which i think they should anyway, to ensure people would show up. Not to mention that people would not...
  12. Chernabog

    UFO at the Studios?

    I saw this object while driving down World drive that night. I would like to take the opportunity to point out that this was the same night as Wrestlemania and the object wasn't over DHS but closer to the city of Orlando. Chances are it was a blimp or flying billboard or something over the...
  13. Chernabog


    I can confirm that Leia Minnie, Vader Goofy, and Stormtrooper Donald will be doing meet in greets in the park along with a new character from the clone wars series named Ahsoka Tano who becomes Anakins' padawan in the new series. Also, some more solid dates for celeb appearances Warwick...
  14. Chernabog

    Post-Behind the scenes photos

    I can't help but laugh when people say they don't want to put their hands up on SM. After 37 years of people visiting the attraction no one has ever lost an arm/hand/head and many of these people are much taller than you. Even Shaq has ridden and he got off unharmed. I understand it looks closer...
  15. Chernabog

    Baby zebra, giraffe born at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

    Disney's Animal Care team has been busy over the past two weeks with the births of two new bundles of joy - a female giraffe named Makena and a male zebra named Kidani. Makena, which means "Happy One" in Swahili, was born on Leap Day, Feb. 29. At birth, she weighed 118 pounds and stood 5...
  16. Chernabog


    Stories floating around indicate that celebs this year will be Warwick Davis hosting the entire celebration with weekend guests of David Prowse, Peter Mayhew, Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, Matthew Wood, and Temuera Morrison. Of course none of this is official confirmed and i don't know which...
  17. Chernabog

    Art of Disney at Main Street Cinema

    I didn't personally get to go in and see it (park being so busy and all), but i did get confirmation that it is open.
  18. Chernabog

    Star Tours 2...what happened?

    I'm looking forward to a new Star Tours as much as the next nerd...but call me crazy, didn't we just spend a good portion of cash to really fix up Haunted Mansion? I wouldn't say that California is getting better deals, just that WDW is better about keeping it a surprise. Who doesn't love surprises.
  19. Chernabog

    For those who HATED the idea of Abby Mallard in Town Square...

    There is a day sort of like this "unknown character day." We call it the Halloween parties. We usually toss out a few characters that you can't see normally. Big bad wolf, uncle scrooge, huey, dewey, louie, goliath, etc. Though i agree, this is a cool idea. If toon town were much larger i'd say...
  20. Chernabog

    Official Epcot 25th Celebration Events

    Sorry for the delay in response. This information comes directly from a company sent email to some cast members withing the company. I really don't know much more than what's written in the email. I just figured it sounded pretty awesome and know lots of people were interested in this event...
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