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  1. Firebird

    Sleeping Beauty Pre-order at Amazon

    I've got the Region 2 2-disc set and I have all the features listed except the Trailers :brick: I'm quite angry 'cos I ordered it off and they didn't send it in the cardboard slip either. But if anyone else has the region 2 set with trailers could you either tell me how to...
  2. Firebird

    B+B Special Edition

    I heard when the special edition of Beauty and the Beast was originally released earlier this year the some of the minor characters had faces put on if they were in the background. Is this true, 'cos if it is then the DVD doesn't have either the Theatrical release or Special edition.
  3. Firebird

    Is their anything being build at Tokyo Disney land Sea?

    TOT wasn't built because the land they tried to build it on was unstable as it is reclaimed. Therefore to build it they have to spend much more money on making the land safe for a heavy structure like TOT to sit on. That is why it wasn't at the parks opening so I assume it is going to be built next.
  4. Firebird

    New park, warning long read

    Your right some of the things could go in Fantasyland. I didn't design it for any particular area cos it borrows from all of them. I've taken your advice and I intended the Fantasia Ride to use a new sort of technology, allowing the boats to spin on the spot and then move on, I know that...
  5. Firebird

    New park, warning long read

    The Lagoon Show As mentioned before there is to be a large lake in the park, as well as containing boat rides and a perimeter on which areas can be based it is the base for a spectacular night-time show similar to Fantasmic! Water screens are used to project images and it has a similar...
  6. Firebird

    New park, warning long read

    I know people have thought about things like Disney’s Storybook Kingdom. Well I have designed a park that is based on the animated feature films. Rather than have set lands the lands are very small and are usually just the one attraction. I haven’t thought of a name but here’s what it contains...
  7. Firebird

    Cinemagique Attraction to the Studios in 2005

    I love this attraction it is one of the best at WDS. The sorcerer's aht is outside the Animation building so no bad omens. The show would not work as a pre-show it has a very clear storyline and involves in house effects and live actors. It is quite long and well worth it. The main actor is...
  8. Firebird

    Ride videos!!!!

    WOW You'll never guess what I found. I was rifling through the attic and came across an old camcorder tape. I got it transfered to VHS and found it had EuroDisney in 1994 on it. The best bit is it proves a few things, the dark rides were lighter then, Pirates has had figures added and the park...
  9. Firebird

    How much land is left?

    what are the Val d'Europe plans does anyone have like a map/blueprint/concept thing
  10. Firebird

    Disney Studios Europe

    Does anyone have any pics of the original layout of as it was originally called the Disney Studios Europe, I've been told the front is the same but the whole park was to be 3 times as big. Pics pleeeeeeeeeease!!!
  11. Firebird

    Disneyland Hong Kong

    Maybe they don't want what happened in EuroDisney Fronteirland was planned and with BTM being an island and the whole Thunder Mesa town, Phantom Manor on a hill, geyser area etc. It became huge meaning Adventureland was tiny and think about there are more possiblities for Advenutreland rides...
  12. Firebird

    It's a Small World Facade To Be Repainted In It's Original Colors

    WOW DL are finally doing something right and with retro fitting IASW does that mean they might look to the past for ather areas as well:animwink:
  13. Firebird


    Yes an area called La Terrasse looks like a ride entrance and does contain the HTH logo. A fence surrounds an area behind that that has details on it similar to TOT. The rumour of it being built was because of a building being put up in that area. However it is smaller and only has toilets and...
  14. Firebird

    Ride videos!!!!

    WOW WOW WOW you have the opening to EuroDisney. I have been looking for that for years!!!!!
  15. Firebird

    EuroDisney Concept Map

    Does anyone have a copy of the concept map for EuroDisney as it was then, showing Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid as future attractions. If so are there any other 'future attractions' and does anyone have a scan of it.
  16. Firebird

    Ride videos!!!!

    Does anyone have the video of the EuroDisney opening festivities. And what abot traailers for individual attractions I recently found the 1995 opening of Space Mountain and it its awesome.
  17. Firebird

    What do you collect?

    I collect almost anything mainly EuroDisney/ Disneyland Paris stuff. I never got into beanie babies pins WDCC or shock horror......... Winnie the Pooh
  18. Firebird

    Walt Disney Treasures Series 2

    Finally the Reluctant Dragon on DVD
  19. Firebird

    Walt Disney Treasures Series 2

    They will be as said before: Mickey Mouse in Black and White The Complete Goofy Behind the Scenes at the Walt Disney Studios The others True Life Adventure Series Dr Syn Alias the Scarecrow Wartime Films have been delayed
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