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  1. willsdad01

    Where are the Seagulls?

    Gone are the sounds of “Mine…mine…mine” from Seas with Nemo. Looked over, the seagulls are gone! No water either! Any idea on what’s going on?
  2. willsdad01

    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    How do you find their address?
  3. willsdad01

    News 'Disney Enchantment' coming to Magic Kingdom October 1 2021

    I watched the live debut on Disney Parks stream. I won't get into the differences between HEA and this as I was a big fan of Wishes. Wishes was elegant, yet powerful. It told a story. Disney missed on Enchantment. In my opinion it's due to content, story telling, and the music. One would...
  4. willsdad01

    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    Since my family began visiting Disney in 2007, we've seen the following: Annual ticket price increases The disappearance of a nighttime parade at MK Pay for better viewing for firework shows Increase in room rates for all Disney hotels Increase in food costs Magical Express ending NOW will have...
  5. willsdad01

    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    Ok, after 24 hours before making a post, I figured I'd add my two cents (as if anyone really cares :cool: ). HUGE Star Wars fan. I've been to a couple of the Star Wars Celebrations and love most things Star Wars. My first thought was OMG this is outrageous! Now my second thought...OMG it's...
  6. willsdad01

    FastPass+ Most Certainly Not Coming Back As It Was

    But Disney is already charging per person for unlimited and the thought is they will also charge for what you order too. If I pay the equivalent Disney charges for park entry in order to enter the restaurant and the expectation is that it’s all you can eat…except the lobster, steak and caviar...
  7. willsdad01

    FastPass+ Most Certainly Not Coming Back As It Was

    It’s really sad to see many of the changes being made. I’ll cherish the feeling of our first trip when we were sent out the Magical Express packet, greeted at the airport where the ”magic” began, and taken to our resort on the ME. We had the Spectromagic parade, paper fast passes, and felt...
  8. willsdad01

    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    This is sad news for families. Our first trip using DME was in 2007 and we've used it ever since, even when my wife and I flew down just the two of us last year. I understand COVID has hit the bottom line in a significant way for Disney. That said, now it seems Disney World is becoming a...
  9. willsdad01

    Who should be excluded to help with the overcrowding problem.

    A lot of interesting thoughts on this topic. My family and I have been coming since 2007. We’ve made a total of 8 trips. Here’s our general observations. New fast past system and dining reservations should give Disney an idea of crowd should resort bookings. No guest should EVER...
  10. willsdad01

    Who should be excluded to help with the overcrowding problem.

    My wife and I just returned from a short trip 2/10-2/13. We were surprised at the crowd levels being so high for this time of year. Our thought for going at this time was that the crowd levels would be lower due to schools not being on any breaks. Yet, the parks were very busy. We used to go...
  11. willsdad01

    Fountain & Bottled Drink, Popcorn, Pretzel, and Other Snack Item Prices Exponentially

    As with most on this forum, big Disney fan. Great memories with the family and love being immersed in the magic. We've been 7 times over the last 11 years and the costs continue to rise at an amazing rate. As costs have risen we've noticed the following: - More rides closed or breaking down...
  12. willsdad01

    Disney slowly losing some of what made it special.

    I don't disagree with your comments. Disney has always been expensive. Affordability and value are perspectives. It does seem the price is getting out of control.
  13. willsdad01

    Disney slowly losing some of what made it special.

    Very new to this forum, but not to Disney. First visited as a youngster myself and then took my family beginning in 2007 and have been 7 times since, most recently last Fall. I think the original post has merit regardless of how often it's been brought up. For my family, 2007 was one of the...
  14. willsdad01

    Current Status of Project

    According to a cast member... Ok, I'm very new on the boards so please don't trash my post. My family and I just returned from a week trip Oct 23rd. While in Toontown, I made a comment about the new FL expansion. A cast member told me several people have been in to look at the structure of...
  15. willsdad01

    Resort Cups

    This is probably a topic for a different thread, but after reading this response I felt inclined to comment. My kids attend one of the highest ranked school districts in our state. Our son is in the advanced programs in elementary. We have taken our kids out of school for two days during Fall...
  16. willsdad01

    Just how bad are the crowds is June?

    Re: Just how bad are the crowds in June? My family and I normally go in October around fall break for the schools. We have enjoyed light crowds and relatively short waits. Last summer, we went from June 6-13 for my son's b-day. A friend has never had much of a wait time in early June. It's...
  17. willsdad01

    June crowd question

    Re: June Crowds We went around the 6th last June and stayed thru the 14th. Normally, we go in October so relative to October crowds, it was packed. Daily wait times for Thunder Mountain were 60min plus, Splash Mtn 70min. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin was 40 min. The other parks were...
  18. willsdad01

    Toy Story Mania queue is a mess

    New in the forums here. I don't disagree with what's being said. I'm American and I often wonder why more parents don't discipline their kids. I have two kids who I preach respect so others can enjoy too. To us, Disney is a privledge, not a right of passage that some take it as. Typically...
  19. willsdad01

    Boardwalk Villa Studio--Did I make a mistake?

    My family and I stayed there last October at the recommendation of a DVC member. We bought points from him as Boardwalk is his home resort. We were concerned too after seeing reviews on other sites. Our room was a studio on the 5th floor facing the pool. It was nice. Our previous stay was...
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